I think we would all agree that home is where the heart is, right? It is where memories are made, it is where you raise your family, and it is the place where you can listen to the many stories that your family members have to tell you about their day. Some may say that the kitchen is the best room in the house to do these things.

But what happens when you want to update your kitchen? Whilst nothing will stand in the way of making memories and socializing with your family, this renovation gives you the perfect opportunity to update various areas of the room, like your lighting. With neon lights from somewhere like Neon Mama, and overhead lights, the options are endless when it comes to this specific area.

So, without further ado, letโ€™s learn more about the different lighting choices we can incorporate into our kitchen.

Overhead Lighting

First, we have overhead lighting. You may find that this is one of the most popular types of lighting choice as they can come in fitted options or hanging pendant lights or chandeliers. Depending on which type of overhead lighting fixtures you decide to look into, you may find that they vary in how much light they give to the room. Whilst many people consider the kitchen to be the social hub of the house, having a significant amount of light may be your ideal solution, especially if you want to use the room late into the night. However, if you wanted your room to portray a small amount of light, you may decide that a chandelier or pendant lights are the best route to go down instead.

It is important to note that fitted lights or chandeliers can significantly enhance the overall interior design of your kitchen, so when it comes to deciding on which overhead lighting solution to go down, the choice will ultimately come down to your tastes.

Neon Lighting

Who doesnโ€™t like to incorporate neon lighting into their home at every opportunity they get? Over the past few years, the idea of neon lights and finding a place in your home for them has grown in popularity. Why? Well, they come in different shapes, sizes, and colors, so there is bound to be a design that fits in with the rest of your kitchen dรฉcor. If you take inspiration from sites like Neon Mama, you are bound to find neon signage that coincides with what you want your kitchen to portray. For example, they have strawberry and chicken signs, which would look great in your kitchen because this is where your food prep takes place. Even if youโ€™re not using the room, the neon lights that you have decided to opt for can brighten the room, and even your mood, allowing you to make the most of the room even if youโ€™re not in it.

When you think about it this way, this could be considered a benefit, as you deserve to have a house where you can enjoy every room that you go into. So, if youโ€™re looking for modern lighting solutions that are a bit out of the box, neon lighting is the way to go.

Under Cabinet Lighting

A type of modern lighting that is not as popular as the options mentioned above is cabinet lighting. Depending on which company you decide to get this lighting from, you may find that this type of light replaces the light that you may have in the base of the wall cabinets and can provide light inside and below the cabinet. In turn, there is a chance that you might need to use motion control to switch these lights on and off. Whilst you may not think it yet, this is an advantage as it means that you wonโ€™t need to worry about any wires or switches that may get in the way of any tasks that you are required to complete in and around your kitchen.

Just with the neon lights, you can keep these lights on when youโ€™re not using the room, but you still want to have a certain level of lighting to make the room look warm and cozy. With these types of lights, you will find that they are not as bright as some of the others you can get for your kitchen, so you may want to bear this in mind when it comes to choosing your modern lighting.

In short, there are many different options that you can look into when it comes to your home improvement project and replacing your current lights with some of the modern kitchen lighting ideas that have been listed above. All of them can completely transform any room in your house, so consider them where you can.

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