What is Hijama?

Hijama is actually the Arabic term which is known to be wet cupping. This could also be referred to as “sucking” in general terms. Under this method of Hijama, the blood is being pulled out from a vacuum crossing a minor skin incision and this is purely for therapeutic purposes. The root of origination for this method runs down to cultures like Turkish, Greek, Arab and Persian. The leader of Islam Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) had once mentioned that “Hijama is indeed among the best remedies you have and if there is something great which is to be used as a remedy, it is surely Hijama”. You can now experience this service in Sri-Lanka, with a touch of great professionalism.

The Islamic logic for “Hijama”

In Islam, it is believed that whoever in the top level followers who experience the service of Hijama will get the privilege to experience both heavenly and worldly benefits. This is solely because he/she followed a stressed Sunnah which was followed by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). This method could be experienced by both the believers and non-believers who still follow the commands of Allah (SWT) and his bellowed Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It should be noted that the bloodletting technique of Hijama could provide a range of great benefits for the people who perform it. This is exactly why a majority of the world famous athletes and sportsmen perform Hijama in order to keep their blood flow steady and clean.

The flexible procedure that “Hijama” involves

It should first be noted that Hijama could be performed anywhere on the body as long as the blood flows. It is mostly being performed within an area which gives pain in order to provide a relief to the pain. Certain people suggest that only a limited number (6) of points on the body could be used for cupping in order to clean the entire cardiovascular system. We do it the most accurate way and our clients have never complained of negative results.

How do perform “Cupping”?

You first have to choose a skin site in order to perform cupping. The selected location needs to be shaved in order to ensure a firm seal with the cup. Then the mouth of the cup is being placed on the selected location. It should be noted that a variety of cups will be used and these could be in the form of metal, plastic, and glass. This will make a tight seal against your body. People used to burn a small piece of cotton or paper within the vessel to ensure a firm grip. Some practitioners tend to use machines instead of the traditional cups, whereas we go with the traditional prophetic method, to ensure the benefits of sterility and the fire lit. Fire is being lit within the cup assures that excess blood won’t be pumped out of the body as it occurs mechanically. It should be noted that drawing our excess blood is not a good condition to deal with.

The cup will be left to cling for several minutes. The practitioner makes a few minor incisions within the skin after the cup is being lifted. The cup will be placed again on the same site until the flow of blood subsides. People consider this method of Hijama as a form of energy medicine, as it unclogs the meridians within the body. People also believe that Hijama could alleviate black magic and certain possessions which are quite surprising. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has stated a set of special days in which you could perform this therapy through his valuable hadith. These days are the odd numbered days, during hot periods of the year, except for the days of Wednesdays and Saturday on a week, and also during the latter half of the lunar calendar. Performing the therapy on these specific days will make it more effective.

Hijama Medical therapy Sri Lanka

The power of Hijama

It should be noted that cupping facilitates the flow of energy within the blood. It helps the patient to get rid of waste material and toxins from their blood. Hijama also helps people to recover from certain diseases faster than the other treatment methods. People always say that prevention is better than cure. This statement is clearly valid for the power of Hijama, as it could be used as a preventive measure against certain diseases. Hijama helps you get rid of the effects of evil beings and certain magic spells which may have been performed on you.

The significance of Hijama

It should be noted that more than 70% of the disease conditions and disorders are being caused due to the poor blood circulation within the body. We tend to get sick or our organs don’t perform actively because of the toxins and other waste materials contained within our blood. We may not be able to recover from certain disease conditions unless the toxic waste is being removed out of our systems. This condition will make us victims for other disease conditions or disorders. This highlights the importance of getting Hijama done within your body to remove the toxic waste from your body. This doesn’t involve any side effects as it will only enhance the functioning of your body. It should be noted that this method which was suggested and practiced by Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) has helped generations of people to control many infections, pains, cancer conditions and other circulatory diseases.

Benefits of Hijama

Hijama is the best solution for a disease free life and it also boosts the immune system of patients. It acts as a great barrier in order to control the tendency to get other diseases. It is being performed manually most of the time with the use of mechanical aids. You can perform the Hijama treatment method if you are an athlete or a sportsman in order to experience high fitness and performance. It builds a strong system within your body to combat all the other disease conditions. It will keep pushing you to reach the unreachable heights. Feel fit and relaxed forever with Hijama treatment.

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