Online entertainment and virtual currency have become particularly close terms in recent years. These digital concepts created a unique way of generating profit in the form of gambling portals.

The popularity of entertainment among players can incentivise even a novice businessman to launch a Bitcoin casino. A straightforward elaboration process and high profitability turn the project into a desirable earning method.

Let us analyse its peculiarities and find out what profit an operator can make by managing a crypto casino.

Place of Bitcoin in Web Gaming

Considering there are hundreds of digital tokens in the world, the wide popularity of a single one implies its beneficial usage. As of the beginning of 2022, Bitcoin holds almost 42% of the cryptocurrency market value.

Just two years after its invention in 2009, BTC tokens were already used as depositing assets in online casinos. When Bitcoin skyrocketed in price a few years later, managers of such gambling platforms were thrilled.

At the same time, very few web casinos offer a stand-alone possibility to wager only in cryptocurrency. Most operators prefer combining it with fiat means of payment to attract more players.

Such a combination of depositing possibilities makes it extremely hard to find out how much online casinos earn exclusively from crypto wagering. However, they do generate more revenue than gambling sites without Bitcoin depositing means.

Earnings of online casinos are undisclosed information, kept privately within brands’ databases. However, gambling portals that support both crypto and fiat currency for deposits can allegedly make around $10,000 daily if the portal is well-elaborated and leaves clients contented with the activities.

Reasons for Increased Profitability

The favourable nature of Bitcoin as a payment opportunity in an online casino is explained by its core technology. All data transactions are made with the help of Blockchain. This is a special system designed to transfer information in a unique way that enabled cryptocurrency to come to life.

Blockchain advantages made this niche in the iGaming industry not only possible but also extremely beneficial:

  1. Security. The first thing players pay attention to is the safety of their assets. In Bitcoin casinos, all transfers are conducted from one e-wallet to another in the form of tiny chunks of information. This makes it impossible to intercept, change, or steal the data, incentivising punters to gamble with crypto.
  2. Anonymity. Since the path of transferring Bitcoin is direct, without any intermediaries on its way, there is no reason for an operator to inquire about any additional information. A crypto transaction requires just an e-wallet number and an e-mail for a confirmation.
  3. Licensing. On paper, Bitcoin casinos do not require an official operating permit due to the noninvolvement of any banking facilities. However, wise operators apply for a licence anyway to accept fiat money as well as show reliability of the brand to clients.
  4. Speed. Since cryptocurrency does not stop at any intermediary, the direct transfer of funds is conducted almost immediately. Unlike fiat withdrawal, operations with Bitcoin do not undergo days — they are instant and save much time for users.
  5. Transparency. Even though the anonymity of identity is on the highest level during crypto transactions, they are all open for users to monitor. The data log preserves all token transfers in terms of how many assets were sent and delivered.

These peculiarities of Blockchain shape the future of online gambling. Many top-ranked casinos offer cryptocurrency as a payment method. With a wide spread of Bitcoin around the world, new players emerge regularly, eager to spend their tokens on high-quality entertainment. As a result, the profitability of such platforms rises every year.

Efficient Way of the Platform Setup

The question of the Bitcoin casino launch has become particularly relevant in the background of high token value. However, new entrepreneurs usually lack the sphere experience if they want to build a legal and money-making platform.

Luckily, the process of the gambling site assembly is clear, and if the exact strategy is followed, the result will exceed all expectations:

  • Portal creation. The very first step is the setup of a casino environment. The site will be the main destination for clients of the newly emerged brand.
  • Software purchase. The programming support for a Bitcoin platform is similar to traditional. The key difference is the acceptance of crypto for the gameplay.
  • Licensing. With the presence of an official working permit, opportunities for a casino expand. Besides, clients’ trust is also boosted significantly.
  • Integration of payment systems. Besides software for fiat money, an operator will have to install specialised tools for crypto transfers.
  • Safety assurance. To protect any monetary assets and private data, it is necessary to set up firewall protection with the corresponding information encryption.
  • Casino management installation. For analysing users’ behaviour and improving their experience, special tools are necessary for smooth functioning.
  • Personnel recruitment. As soon as the brand becomes popular and players’ rotation increases, an operator will need additional help.
  • Brand image development. The advertising of a Bitcoin casino requires significant investments and the utilisation of multiple methods for a viable strategy.

The process of elaboration may seem simple and understandable. However, there are still multiple nuances that an inexperienced entrepreneur might have issues with. That is why for generating maximum revenue, it is beneficial to resort to a professional guide company for quality assistance.

The aggregator Online Casino Market has been working in the iGaming industry for numerous years. The turnkey Bitcoin casino solution is well-supported by the company’s experts and guarantees a profitable project at the end of the development.

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