Everyone loves juice and there is no healthier or more delicious drink. While there is every kind of juice available in the supermarket, these are often full of sugar or unhealthy additives. This has led to many people making their own juice using all of their favorite fruits and vegetables. The easiest way to make your own juice is by using a juicer and these days there are many different options available. In fact, while all you need to make delicious juice is a handful of your favorite fruits, with so many juicers available, it can be hard to know which one to choose.

To help you make the right choice, hereโ€™s what to look for when buying a juicer.

1. Size

The first thing you need to look for when buying a juicer is choosing a model that has a large volume. Juicers come in various sizes but you always want to spend that little extra money on a bigger model as you will be able to make more juice for multiple people or save for later. The biggest juicers come with volumes of up to two liters so you will be able to blitz up as much fruit as you want to make enough juice to last you the whole day. You can even make a big batch of juice and then freeze it for later! For those people who like a cocktail, try making juice ice cubes and adding them to your favorite liquor.

2. Power

The power capacity of your juicer is very important because there are some fruits and vegetables which take that extra bit of oomph to chop up! Root vegetables like carrots make delicious, nutritious juices but they are very firm and difficult to juice. Look out for a juicer with variable speeds so that you can crank it up for those difficult fruits and vegetables. A โ€˜pulseโ€™ setting is ideal for really getting into those tough fruits or vegetables and so it is always advisable to choose a juicer with a pulse function.

3. Automatic Blade Type

As well as the power capabilities of your juicer, the other factor which will affect its ability to chop up tough fruits and vegetables is the type of blade it has. There are three main types of automatic juicers to choose from; centrifugal juicers, masticating juicers, and triturating juicers. Different fruits require a different type of blade for the best results so make sure you check which one is right for you.

4. Manual Juicers

While each of these automatic juicers has its own benefits, manual juicers are perfect for a quick juicing each morning. These juicers have super sharp blades so that you can crank it by hand and make perfect juice every time. They enable you to create the perfect consistency of juice because you can chop up the fruits and vegetables as fine or as coarse as you like.

5. Attachments

Choosing a juicer with multiple attachments is always a good idea as it will enable you to make only the amount of juice you want. There are some excellent models where you can remove the big cup and just screw on a single serving cup instead. This is great if you are on a specific diet and have worked out all of the macros you need from the juice.

6. Juice and Pulp Separator

Many people make their juice using a blender but one thing which really sets juicers apart from blenders is that they usually have the capability for removing the pulp from the juice. While this is not an issue if you like pulp, a lot of us prefer a smooth juice with no pulp at all. There are some fruits which have very unappetizing pulp as it is fibrous and difficult to eat.

7. Noise Dampening Capabilities

There is a saying which goes, โ€œthe only person who isnโ€™t bothered by the noise of a drill is the one doing the drillingโ€, and this is also true for juicers. Fortunately, there are now special models of juicers that have been specifically designed to be extra quiet. This is very useful as it enables you to make your favorite juice early in the morning without waking up your whole neighborhood.

There are so many benefits to eating lots of fruits and vegetables and one of the easiest and tastiest ways to do this is by making your own juice. When choosing a juicer, make sure you pay attention to the volume, the power, and the type of blade. If you choose the right juicer you are guaranteed to have delicious, healthy juice every day of the week!

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