There are so many types of coffee and flavors available that it is easy to get stuck and not know what options to try. There isnโ€™t always someone around to help talk us through what everything means. If you want to try a new coffee but you aren’t sure where to start then you have come to the right place as this post will walk you through the key components to consider when choosing a new coffee flavor.

Roast Level

One of the most important things to consider when picking a coffee flavor is the roast level. The roast level can be used as an indicator of what taste to expect. If you are unsure of what roast level means, it describes how roasted the coffee beans are, ranging from light to dark. The more coffee beans absorb heat when being roasted, the darker their color becomes. And so, roasting levels are categorized by color. Some key information on the differences between roast levels are as followed;

  • Lighter roasted beans have more acidity than darker roasted beans
  • Lighter roasted beans contain more caffeine
  • Medium roasted beans have more noticeable flavors and aromas, that some people have described as almost spicy
  • Dark roasted coffee beans are very dark brown and sometimes even black
  • The roasting process for dark roasts pretty much eradicates the original flavors of the coffee beans. Instead, the coffee will taste a bit bitter, smokey, or in some cases even a touch burnt
  • The darker the roast the less caffeine the beans contain

So always make sure to check the roasting level before committing to a flavor.


A common mistake made among coffee drinkers is that they assume the strength of a coffee correlates to higher caffeine content. However, if you see a strength rating next to a coffee flavor this simply tells you how long the coffee bean was roasted.

So many people have opted for dark and bitter tastes because they think that comes with a higher caffeine content but it is the opposite! The higher the strength rating of a coffee the lower the caffeine content. You can find out more about the varying strengths at, as you should be well informed before making any decision. But the main takeaway is that if you want a flavor that will give you a caffeine boost, you need to shop for the lighter roasted beans.


The body of the coffee is the sense of heaviness or thickness you taste when you drink your coffee. The body can be described in several ways: rich, oily, thin, buttery, and more. Similarly, the body is a term also used to describe wines, so you might say that a glass of red wine has a heavier body than a glass of white wine. Body and flavor can vary depending on the growing region.


There are endless flavor options out there and there is certainly something for every taste bud, even for the pickiest of coffee drinkers. Some popular flavor combinations include caramel, meringue, and dark berries, or dark cocoa, caramel almond, and cherry bean floral. You can also easily purchase some simpler flavors such as caramel creme brulee, vanilla, cocoa truffle, and many more. Before bulk buying one flavor and hoping for the best, try out a few different flavors and you might be pleasantly surprised by one that you had previously not considered.


Another factor that can help you choose your new favorite coffee flavor is the time of year. Different flavors and types of coffee work best at specific times of the year. So, for instance, if it is summertime and the heat is glaring down upon you, you will probably want an iced coffee that has a smooth and milky flavor. Alternatively, when autumn arrives you might want something that has a spiced, aromatic flavor. Play around with the flavors you drink depending on what season it is and you will enjoy the variety and complementary flavors.


Another thing to consider when purchasing coffee flavors is the price. Some coffees will be more expensive than others and it can take some searching around before you find the one for you. Some coffee manufacturers will pride themselves in creating intense and powerful flavors, but these can also come at a cost. Just remember, you can still get tasty and flavourful coffee that is affordable.

So if you take the time to consider each of these points you will be able to find your new favorite coffee flavor in no time.

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