The automotive market is very well-known for automatic cars. Automatic cars save you the hassle of shifting gears while driving, hence the name. Many people are switching from manual to automatic cars to drive with more ease and less tension. If you are one of those people who are considering the switch, then you must have a clear image of what you will be getting. Read on to know all about automatic cars.

Transmission Types

Once you confirm that the car is automatic by checking its pedals, you need to check its transmission type. There are several types of transmissions in modern automobiles. As you start learning to drive an automatic car, you will be able to understand the difference between transmission types. Generally speaking, an automatic transmission allows the carโ€™s engine to operate in a narrow range of speeds, but at the same time provides it with a wide range of output speeds. Here are some of the types you should know about:

  • Torque Converter Automatic: Uses a hydraulic fluid coupling to allow the transmission to take control of the vehicle.
  • Continuously Variable Transmission (CVT): Uses a belt instead of fixed gears and pulleys with variable widths.ย 
  • Semi-automatic Transmission (SAT): Similar to manual transmission; however, it operates by electrohydraulic means, processors, actuators, sensors, and pneumatics.
  • Dual-Clutch Transmission: A direct-shift gearbox that is controlled by the carโ€™s computerized system; one clutch is for the odd gears and the other for the even ones.ย 
  • Tiptronic Transmission: Allows the driver to freely switch between automatic and manual to have better control over the vehicle. Giving a glimpse of the future today, an automatic car comes from a family of supercars already considered legendary, such as Lamborghini Aventador.

Clutch Difference

Manual transmission cars give you control over the clutch. However, in an automatic car, this is not the case. Any automated manual transition (AMT) car would take care of the clutch for you. The transmission process remains the same, saving you the hassle of switching gears manually and dealing with the vehicleโ€™s clutch. That may be one of the reasons why many people find it easier to drive an automatic car, even more than a gearless scooter.

Fuel Efficiency

When thinking of driving a car, the fuel must be the first thing that you think of. For starters, you would be aware of the fact that certain types of fuel produce harmful emissions that pollute the environment. Apart from that, fuel efficiency must also be on the top of your list. Luckily, all of the AMT cars are fuel-efficient, which makes them ideal for your wallet and the environment.

Everyone is becoming more and more interested in automatic cars, especially after the huge popularity they gained in the past few years. Before you decide to switch to an automatic car, you have to think thoroughly about it. Consider all the bothersome mechanisms of manual cars and how automatic ones can streamline them. Set your priorities according to what would make you feel comfortable the most. Once you know all the things about the carโ€™s specs, you will be able to have a clearer image of what model and make would satisfy your driving needs the most.

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