The American workforce has a drug problem. Drug use amongst full-time and part-time US workers has been on the rise. More often than not, it is the employers who have to bear the brunt of this problem.

According to Fortune, 60 percent of Americans struggling with drug or alcohol addiction have jobs. What happens is that these people end up taking their addiction problems to work. That, in turn, often hinders their on-job performance, leading to losses, both in terms of efficiency and finances, for the employer.

Unfortunately, as an employer, your worries surrounding your employees don’t just stop there. Even if not drug addicts, what if your employees are not who they say they are? Or, what if their past makes their presence at your workplace somewhat uncomfortable?

Security Magazine reports that ID fraud numbers are rising in the US. In many cases, these fake or fraudulent IDs are used to secure jobs within the country. Employers also end up hiring these individuals not knowing that they’re using fake IDs. Who’s to say your office won’t have to face something similar?

Having established all that, it’s evident that the modern workplace is plagued with a myriad of unconventional employee-related problems. To combat these problems, employers need to conduct drug testing and thorough background checks before hiring. In some cases, DNA tests might also be requested.

This is where Health Street comes in with its state-of-the-art employee screening services.

What is Health Street?

As an employer or company personnel tasked with recruitment, Health Street is your go-to source for employee screening solutions. From drug and DNA testing to running comprehensive background checks, the company offers a wide array of services.

With a 4.4 out of 5 score on TrustScore, Health Street is one of the leading employee screening solution providers in the US right now.

What Makes Health Street So Popular Amongst Employers?

When diving into the popularity of Health Street amongst employers, it’s vital that you understand its key features and qualities. That’s because these features and qualities are the driving force behind the company’s growing popularity.

Here are a few things that make Health Street so popular:

A Variety of Screening Services

Health Street’s screening services include drug testing, DNA testing, running background checks, and occupational health services.

The DNA and drug tests are conducted using modern testing methods and kits and under expert doctor and clinical supervision. The case is the same for occupational health services, which include TB testing, antibody testing, and general employee physicals. These tests too are conducted at well-equipped clinics with expert personnel overseeing the tests.

Health Street also offers background-checking services. Through these services, you can check to see whether or not a job candidate is lying on their resume.

Result Management Made Easy

Through secure online reporting, you can access your employees’ test results with ease. Health Street’s dedicated software puts all the test results at your disposal and lets you manage them with the click of a few buttons.

Registering for the tests themselves is also super easy. It only takes a few minutes to register for these tests and checks through the company’s website. Once registration has been completed, you only need to wait for your scheduled date at your clinic of choice.

Locational Convenience

Health Street is also convenient in terms of its locations. It offers services at over 10,000 clinics across the country. Thus, no matter which state you’re from, you’ll always have Health Street to support your employee screening efforts.

Usually, you’ll find all types of testing available at almost all the available locations. Some clinics might not offer all the tests at all times. However, you can always find a nearby Health Street-approved alternative that does offer all the tests you’re looking for.

Compliant with State Laws

State laws surrounding drug usage and employee screening, in general, are likely to vary. However, you don’t have to worry about all these regulations if you’re using Health Street. That’s because this company will worry on your behalf and make sure that its tests and checks are meeting state-mandated standards.


According to The Insight Partners, the employment screening services market is a $5360.28 million industry. Right now, Health Street seems to be shaking up this industry with its high service standards.

Over 10,000 companies have put their faith in Health Street when it comes to employee screening. Based on the points highlighted above, there’s no reason why you, too, shouldn’t do the same.

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