Are you looking to stimulate your catโ€™s appetite? Then look no further. A cat that hasn’t been eating will be prone to a host of ailments and not to forget that they’ll also lose weight in the process. The last thing you want is for your cat to get even worse because they are not getting the most from proper nutrition. Getting your cat to eat again can in most cases prove problematic and overwhelming because cats have a mind of their own. Whether they have been through an ailment or are getting old, it’s of utmost importance to ensure that they are eating well. Below are tips to help stimulate your catโ€™s appetite.

1. Spice Things Up With Varieties

Variety is the spice of life and you’ll be denying your cat a lot by not providing them with diversity in terms of the foods you feed them with. For instance, if your cat has been on a dry food diet, you could mix it up with some wet foods. This guide from the guys at on the best cat foods without chicken will give you a headstart, most especially if your cat has been on a chicken diet. There are also homemade cat food recipes you can try out if you want your feline friend to get back in shape with a revamped appetite. Needless to mention is the fact that cats of different ages have different nutritional needs, something you might need to be mindful of whenever you are about to change their diet.

2. Address Their Health Issues

It’s natural for your catโ€™s appetite to decline as they get older. Nevertheless, a younger cat losing its appetite can, and in most cases, be as a result of an underlying medical condition. Cats don’t come with a health manual and your cat will be in the better hands of a qualified vet. They’ll help with the diagnosis process, treatment, and in providing you with sane advice on how to manage your catโ€™s health issues with a better diet.

3. Try Out Appetite Stimulants

There are dire health repercussions for a cat that hasn’t been eating well. Even after your cat has been through with the vet, you can still add some juice into their diminished appetites by trying out natural appetite stimulants. If they have been avoiding meals, then the natural appetite stimulants below can be of great help in helping to jumpstart your cat’s appetite. These include: 

  • Catnip – Now, not all cats will react the same with catnip. Actually, some cats will become lethargic after ingesting catnip. Nevertheless, a huge percentage of cats have shown positive results after eating catnip and bounced back to their natural appetites. Just a pinch of the plant’s dried leaves sprinkled on the cat’s food can work magic on your catโ€™s appetite
  • Medication – There’s a variety of medication out there designed to stimulate catsโ€™ appetites. You’ll however need to talk to your vet beforehand as they’ll advise you on the best products best suited for your catโ€™โ€™s health needs.
  • CBD oil – While CBD is still in its infancy stages of research, it has still proven to be an effective appetite stimulant.

4. Spice Up Their Environment

Stress is among the ways that your cat can lose appetite in food. It could be that the environment they are living in is loud and unconducive. It could also be that they are living among other hostile pets which is a major cause for alarm. Find ways to make their living environment more hospitable and inviting.

5. Exercise Your Cat

The reason your cat is finicky could be as a result of a dormant lifestyle. Cats tend to lose their vitality as they age, and it can contribute to them losing their appetite. You can, with the best leash, get your cat active by exercising them more often. Additionally, you can provide them with activity stimulants such as toys and yarns. After every successful exercise routine, ensure to give them a treat as these have also been found to be effective appetite stimulants in cats.

Before making any drastic moves with a finicky cat, ensure to consult your vet as they are more knowledgeable in this area, and they’ll provide you with long-lasting solutions. It could be that your cat is going through a difficult phase in life and the last thing you want is to interfere with the wrong diagnosis.

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