If you’ve been in a traffic accident recently, it’s important to know what to do. Many people don’t know what to do after they’ve been in an accident, which can lead to further problems down the road. This article will discuss the steps you need to take after you’ve been in a traffic accident.

Get Medical Help

As soon as you’re able to, call yourself, and everyone else, an ambulance to ensure everyone is going to be fine. Not just that, but Californians are advised by a car accident lawyer working out of Sacramento to do this so that all the injuries are fresh. This helps you get compensated later on.

Tell the medics what happened and where it hurts. They will be able to give you a check-up on the scene and let you know if you need to go to the hospital or not. You might feel like you’re totally fine, but getting a professional opinion is always best after an accident.

Keep The Hospital Bills

Don’t throw out any of your hospital bills after a traffic accident. Even if your insurance company paid the hospital directly, you’ll need to submit the bills to your personal injury lawyer. Your lawyer will use the bills to determine how much your medical treatment is worth. If you don’t have the original hospital bills, the attorney may not be able to get full compensation for your injuries.

When these pile up they can be quite expensive, and you don’t want to be surprised with a big bill later on. If your insurance company is slow in processing the bills, you can ask the hospital for copies of the bills so you can submit them to your lawyer.

Don’t forget to keep any receipts for out-of-pocket expenses related to your medical treatment, such as prescriptions, crutches, or mileage if you had to drive to and from doctor’s appointments. These expenses are called “special damages,” and your lawyer will need documentation of them in order to get reimbursement from the at-fault driver’s insurance company.

Call The Police

Authorities are a crucial part of dealing with the aftermath of a car accident. You should always call the police, even if the accident is small and there are no injuries. The police will document the accident and this will be important later on when dealing with insurance companies.

If you’re in a more serious accident, or one where there are injuries, calling 911 should be your first step. The police will not only document the accident, but they will also help to ensure that everyone involved gets the medical attention they need.

Don’t try to deal with an accident on your own. Always call the authorities and let them handle it! It’s their job, and they’re much better equipped to deal with all of the details than you are.

Get The Information From The Other Party

Talk to the other person or people involved in the accident and get their name, address, phone number, email address, and insurance information. If there were any witnesses to the accident, get their contact information as well. Itโ€™s important to have all of this information so that you can follow up with the appropriate people if needed.

This will help to ensure that you have a record of what happened in case there are any questions or disputes later on. Itโ€™s also important to exchange information so that everyone knows how to get in touch with each other if necessary.

Talk To Witnesses

Credible witness testimonies can be the key to nailing down what really happened in a car accident. Talking to people who saw the accident can help you get a better understanding of how it unfolded and give you some insight into who may have been at fault.

When talking to them, first and foremost, try to stay calm. This can be difficult after being involved in an accident, but it’s important to remember that witnesses will be more likely to cooperate if they see that you’re level-headed.

Make sure to be respectful and polite when talking to witnesses. Again, this will make them more likely to want to help you out. If possible, take down the contact information of any people willing to help you.

Document The Scene

It’s essential that you also document the scene yourself in case the police missed something. These are the steps to do this properly:

  • Take photos of the damage to all vehicles involved, as well as any skid marks on the road.
  • Take photos of injuries sustained by anyone involved in the accident.
  • Get the contact information for any witnesses.
  • Make a note of where and when the accident happened, as well as the weather conditions at the time.

Get A Lawyer

A skilled attorney will likely be able to get you a significantly higher settlement than you would have been able to get on your own, especially if the other driver was at fault. You should also consider getting a lawyer if the other driver doesn’t have insurance or if their insurance company denies your claim.

You might be wondering how to find a good lawyer. A great place to start is by asking friends and family members if they know any lawyers who specialize in personal injury law. You can also look for lawyers online or on the yellow pages. Once you’ve found a few potential lawyers, it’s important to schedule a consultation so that you can decide whether or not they’re the right fit for you.

File A Personal Injury Claim

Once all is done, don’t hesitate to contact your insurance company and file a personal injury claim. You may be worried about your rates going up, but in many cases, filing a claim won’t impact your rates at all. And even if it does, the increase is often worth it considering the money you could receive from your claim.

Make sure not to exaggerate your injuries or the extent of the accident, as this could lead to your claim being denied. Be honest about what happened and let the insurance company do its own investigation.

If you have any questions about filing a personal injury claim, or if you need help with the process, don’t hesitate to contact a personal injury lawyer. They can help you understand your rights and make sure that you are fairly compensated for your injuries.

Traffic accidents can be nasty so calling an ambulance to treat everyone and keeping the medical bills is essential. Get the police involved and take their report. You also have to get the information from the other party and witnesses who were there when the accident happened. Document the scene yourself and file a claim with the help of your attorney. Stay safe out there!

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