When people address their health and beauty, one of the things they think about is their hair. They may consider having laser hair removal or coming out with a brand new look. The changes could be anything from a subtle enhancement to going blonde overnight.

It may be that you are considering bleaching your hair. You may feel uneasy about the ‘permanence’ of your decision. Whilst you could end up with a ‘wow’ factor the opposite may also be possible. If you’ve made up your mind, however, you need to be sure to read the manufacturer’s instructions. This article presents key do’s and don’ts to provide some guidance and peace of mind.

Do Understand There Are Options After Bleaching

If a professional is involved in the process, they would be able to dye your hair after the event. This is because they would be in charge of the materials from start to finish. As an example, you could transition to becoming strawberry or dirty blonde.

You may have tried to become blonde, but are experiencing problems because your natural color is dark. By going online you can learn how to get rid of yellow hair after bleaching without causing any damage. You could also learn why it occurred, and discover the value of toners and color-depositing shampoos.

Do Assess Everything First

Because it can be a vigorous process, it’s important to ensure your hair is in a healthy condition before you start. If it’s dry or you have split ends you’d be well-advised to postpone your treatment.

Once you’re ready, however, one more word of caution is required. Try bleaching a small area first rather than doing it all in one go. This way you can make sure your skin doesn’t react badly to the bleach. If there is any itching or allergic reaction you can then discontinue your experiment.

Don’t Do It If You’re Not Confident

Whilst it’s not hard to find an off-the-shelf bleaching kit, not everything will be appropriate for your hair type. Having said that, the global pandemic may have restricted your options.

The benefit of letting a professional do it is they can use the right quantity of bleach for your hair. If you are anxious that the end result is perfect, it will be worth the extra expense. The beauty of this approach is that you can watch the person closely and if you’re confident enough later you could repeat the process from home.

Don’t Forget To Care For It Afterwards

Once your hair has been bleached it will need some extra attention. Don’t use cheap, harsh shampoos. Remember to add conditioner after each wash as this can help restore the moisture in your hair. Heat is also something to protect it from, so don’t use hairdryers, curling wands, or straightening irons for a while.

If you bleach your hair in the best way possible, both you and your friends will enjoy your new appearance. And, who knows? It may even inspire some of them to do the same thing.

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