Now ironing is a chore that all of us are familiar with. Ironing can sometimes be tedious and take a lot of time. If you constantly feel tired whenever you iron out some clothes, then it is likely that you have the wrong kind of iron for your needs. The solution is simple: just get yourself the right kind of iron that will easily cater to all of your needs.

If you don’t know how to pick out the right kind of iron, don’t worry. Just go through our guide to choose the best iron box, and you will find all the information that you need. If you want to save your time, you can skip this guide and read the top dry iron boxes of 2021 reviews.

Types of iron boxes

Before getting into how to pick the right kind of iron, let’s see the types of irons that exist:

1: Dry Irons

These are the most basic models available in the market. They have the bare minimum features and settings. However, they are also the most cost-effective kind of iron. So if you’re on a tight budget and don’t have many specifications for your iron box, then this can be your ideal choice.

2. Portable irons

Portable irons are small, compact, and easy to pack. Most portable irons are even cordless, making them easy to use. These kinds of irons are designed for traveling. So when you’re going to a conference and will need to iron your clothes on the fly. This is the model to rely on.

3. Steam irons

Steam irons come loaded with features like auto-shutoff, self-clean mechanism, and overheat safety protection. Now keep in mind that these features vary from brand to brand. The important thing is the features mentioned above are just additional perks. The main thing about them is that they have a small water tub inside. This water tub shoots out water and turns it into steam. This helps to moisten clothes while pressing.

What to look for while choosing an iron box

1. The make and ergonomic value

If you’re someone that is going to use your iron box for a long amount of time, you need to watch out for strain. To ensure that you can work long hours on your iron box without any problems, you should go for lighter new models with fiber bases. However, you should know that heavy metal iron box bases ensure that you don’t have to put too much pressure while ironing.

2. The soleplate used

The soleplate is the heating-up part fitted to the bottom of the iron. When you’re buying an iron box, make sure you go for models that have a wider soleplate with a thin and tampered head. This will help you cover more area over the fabric and reach into tight pleats and under buttons. There are four major surfaces of soleplates.

  • Stainless steel: These are the most durable ones. They have a range of features like a corrosion-free and scratch-resistant surface.
  • Ceramic: This is the smoothest kind of surface you find in an iron box. They are known for the even distribution of heat on any given fabric.
  • Aluminum: These surfaces are only good for short time use. They heat up very fast, but over the years, they can end up getting scratches and sticking to certain kinds of clothes.
  • Nonstick: These have a specially coated layer to ensure that your iron box does not stick to the clothes you are ironing.

3. Weight of the iron

Heavier iron boxes are good for fast and short use since you can iron clothes fast without putting much pressure. Light iron boxes are great if you use them for long periods continuously, they will be easy on your hands.

4. Temperature control

Different kinds of fabrics need different temperatures to set properly. Make sure you buy an iron box with a range in temperature control since it can work for all your fabrics that way.

5. Power and wattage

When choosing an iron, remember that higher wattage means more power. This means the high-power iron will heat up fast and help remove creases and wrinkles on clothes with much more ease and speed. The only flip side here would be that higher wattage and power equals a higher price. So you should plan on whether the kind of use you have for your clothes is worth it.

6. Warranty

This part is important not just because it will save you money on the repairs. When a company offers a higher warranty, it indicates the amount of faith that the company places in the model. Know that on good average, iron box companies offer up to two years of warranty with their models. Anything less than that is probably an indicator of poor quality and a lack of durability.


Our intention behind creating a guide to choosing the best iron box is to give you an idea of the kinds of iron boxes available in the market. Apart from that, we also wanted you to know what features you need to be looking for in an iron box. We hope you can now make an informed decision on the kind of iron box to buy.

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