Airsofting is a popular combat sport. Most people have heard of it but don’t know what it actually entails. It is a very complicated sport with lots of rules, meaning it is not beginner friendly. If you are interested in pursuing airsofting recreationally then you need to do your research. There are thousands of articles covering the subject of getting started with airsofting. However, many of these articles offer contradictory information.

This post will simplify that research for you by telling you about all of the latest and most relevant airsofting information, so you can try it with confidence.

Understanding Costs

Airsofting isn’t cheap. It can cost hundreds of dollars to buy all of the equipment needed. If you are on a budget then you can save money by buying your equipment second-hand. Never save by buying inferior equipment though. The quality of your equipment will play a very significant role in your overall performance. You need the best airsoft M4 you can get your hands on, as well as a decent sidearm, and ideally some accessories like grenades. Not only these items will make your experience much more enjoyable, but they will also help you to win at games more easily.

Basic Rules

Before buying equipment you should research the rules of the sport. Airsofting is a very strict sport. There are lots of rules you have to follow. Additionally, players of the sport tend to take rule violations very seriously. If you are caught breaking rules then other players will most likely bring a complete stop to the game until the venue’s referee has punished you. On the topic of referees, they sit in booths overlooking airsoft venues. A referee’s job is to catch rulebreakers. Therefore, it is impossible to cheat when airsofting. Players and trained referees are monitoring you constantly to make sure you play fairly.

Does It Hurt?

In answer to this section’s question airsofting does hurt. However, you can minimise how much it hurts by investing in quality gear. As mentioned earlier you should try not to cut back on costs too much. If you do then you will probably end up getting hurt a lot more. You should invest in a good vest to protect your torso from direct hits. It is also sensible to invest in a helmet and goggles. Goggles are arguably the most important piece of equipment because they protect your eyes from airsoft pellets.

Physical Fitness

Airsoft is a very active sport. It involves a lot of movement. If you are not in top physical condition then you will probably struggle when it comes to competitive airsofting. Stamina and endurance are the two most important things if you are going airsofting. If you are not able to run and move for long periods of time then there is no way that you will achieve success in airsofting. You can improve your fitness by going on jogs. Jogging can boost your cardiovascular health and lower body fitness. It can also improve your mental health too. Studies show jogging is a fantastic way to combat depression.

Playing Sites

Airsoft venues tend more often than not to be old construction yards or derelict buildings. The reason for this is that such plots of land tend to be sold for next to nothing. It is easy for organisers and planners to buy properties of this kind on a budget. These kinds of plots also give players great vantage points and hiding spots. Public airsofting is a crime in most places. Somebody could mistake your airsoft gun for a real one and call the police if you are playing in public. You could then be arrested for causing fear and alarm. Make sure that you only ever play in approved venues for this reason.

Joining Teams

There are lots of airsoft venues in the United States. Most large cities and towns have at least one. If you go to the venues in your area then you will begin encountering the same people more or less every time. Eventually, you will get to know these people and could even establish friendships with them. Making friends with local airsofters is a great way to get into existing teams. Joining a team is the best way to immerse yourself in the airsofting community.

Online Communities

If you are interested in meeting other people who share your passion for airsofting then you can turn to the internet. There are hundreds of forums dedicated to the sport. Internet forums are good places to find out about teams in your area too. Whenever you are joining a forum of any kind it is essential to protect your identity. Hackers and trolls are notorious for frequenting internet forums. Revealing too much information about yourself could give troublemakers fuel to mess with you. Make sure that you use a secure password for your account as well. Finally, never agree to meet anybody from an internet forum unless you are confident that they are who they say they are.

Crash Courses

If you have never been airsofting before and have no experience shooting a weapon, you will probably want to sign up for a crash course. Airsoft venues usually hold crash courses once or twice a month. A crash course is a class open to amateurs, designed to help them to become pros in as little time as possible. More often than not they are led by trained instructors, sometimes with military experience. Crash courses in airsofting can be expensive but are a great way to learn new skills and make friends.

Local Affiliation

After spending time at your local venue, you will get to know other airsofters. Hopefully, you will become friends with some of these people. If the friends you make are members of teams, you could then ask them to sponsor you for membership. Airsofting teams tend to affiliate themselves with specific venues or areas. If your friends are in teams then there is a strong chance they are in your chosen venue’s team. In order to join an airsofting team you need to be a skilled player. Taking a crash course can help you to improve at airsofting. Teams regularly participate in national tournaments. These tournaments usually award victorious teams with cash prizes or gear.

Airsofting is a great way to release stress and get outdoors. Getting started can be expensive but you can mitigate costs by buying equipment second-hand. Once you have bought gear make sure that you maintain it. Poor maintenance could lead to it breaking or deteriorating.

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