Learn How To Remove Graffiti With The Most Efficient Cleaning Process

Graffiti is a form of artistic expression on street walls. However, sometimes it is not appreciated in the building you live in or work at. Sometimes this graffiti art appears on walls without your knowledge and permission and it can be a menace to remove it. If the responsibility of removal falls upon you, then below are some efficient ways to get rid of it.

Removing Small Graffiti

Depending on the paint type used, and the material you can remove smaller graffiti on the walls easily. You can use baking soda-based products to remove graffiti from masonry, brick, and concrete surfaces. You will however need to be careful or else you will end up spreading the paint even more. If you are too aggressive with the scrubbing, you may cause abrasions on the wall that will give a scratched or shadowed appearance.

Graffiti Remover Product

There are multiple graffiti removal products available in the market that be used in accordance with the type of surface and paint you are dealing with. These surfaces can be anywhere from masonry, metal, wood, and others. Using relevant surface and material-based removal products is important because every component reacts differently. There are also multi-surface paint removers available that can remove a variety of graffiti types. This could be graffiti made from markers, spray paints, and so on. Be aware not to use removers that may contain harmful elements that are prohibited.

Paint Stripper

You can use a paint stripper to remove graffiti on almost all hard surfaces. These paint strippers can remove strong paints and clear coats. These do not have any harmful chemicals in them. They have a gel-like consistency so they are spill-resistant. They are easy to apply and are effective on strong paints like spray paints, lacquers, acrylics, and other wax build-ups. Another benefit of using paint strippers is that they do not need surface neutralization. You can easily rinse and wash them off with cold or hot water.

Chemical Removal

There are chemical methods that can be used to specifically remove graffiti. Professional assistance is recommended for it.  One such way is the use of Ablate for removing graffiti. This can remove graffiti from all types of surfaces regardless of the type of paint used. It is also an environmentally friendly method. Some easier forms of paint can be removed with liquid laundry detergent or even dishwashing soap. These could be graffiti made with felt-tip pens on glass or other such smooth surfaces. Solvents and mineral turpentine can also be used effectively. Another aspect to keep in mind is that if the graffiti is made on quick-absorbing surfaces like porous brickwork and others, then you will have to be very quick. The longer the paint stays on these kinds of surfaces the harder it will be to remove it. If you are using any chemicals, make sure to follow all the safety instructions that come from the manufacturer properly.

Paint Over It

This could be your last option when you want to get rid of graffiti quickly. However, this can be an expensive option as you will have to paint the entire wall and if the surface is huge this could cost a lot of money and time. You can paint the wall which has graffiti with a darker color. Try to remove as much graffiti as you can using solvents or other methods before applying the fresh coat of paint. If this is not done, the graffiti will bleed through the fresh coat of paint and it will appear more blotchy. You can even use a sealer coat before you start painting. Testing this on a smaller area will give you the right idea if this option is feasible or not.

Hire Professional Graffiti Removers

This should actually be your first option. Some graffiti is very hard to remove on your own and it can be very exhausting when you do so. Though there are many graffiti removal products available easily, some of them, if not used properly, can affect your health. While using these products you must protect yourself as they can be very dangerously toxic. Professionals use the least toxic options to protect you and your surroundings.

They can use one of the many methods like using ablate, sandblasting, or high pressure washes to make sure that the surface remains intact and you can easily get rid of the unwanted graffiti. Hiring one will save you time, money and have zero impact on your health.

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