If you are one of those women who goes out with her friends and seems to always be the one who is forgotten by the guys, then you should pay attention to these great flirting tips which will help you in finding the man of your dream.  Why should guys get all the flirting tips anyway?  Many women feel just like you and often this can lead to a downward spiral of feeling that you are not good enough for the dating game.  This is just not true.  You just need a few helpful hints to help you bag a man.

In order to find a date, you need not to work out a blackjack strategy, you just need to pay attention to the basics. So, just check out if you are getting the basics right? Firstly, you should make sure that you are conscious about your appearance.  You should make sure that when you go on a night out that you dress like a lady and take pride in your appearance.  You don’t have to dress promiscuously in clothes that are barely there.  Many men actually find this intimidating, and even a little embarrassing too.  You will be far more approachable if you are dressed well but covered up.

You should make sure that you appear to be available.  Many of the shy men wont approach a group of girls as they feel that they might get rejected by all of them, so you would be best trying to break away from your group for a little while.  If you are worried about your safety, you should just tell your friends about your plan and keep them in your line of sight, but if you are alone, then you will look far more open and approachable, if a little vulnerable and in need of protection. Be ladylike in your flirting mannerisms.  A sexy giggle is preferable to a cackling laugh, and a simple hair flick or playfully twisting your hair around your finger is always a flirty thing to do.  Make sure you pay plenty of compliments and laugh at his jokes, even if he isn’t that funny. It is quite possible to be successful at flirting, even if you are the shyest woman in your group.

Why your body language is so important when you are flirting

Whilst your words are important when you are flirting, many people do not realize how important their body language is when they are flirting.  Your body language can tell the other person how truthful you are being and how open you are as well as giving plenty of other information away that you don’t need to speak with your mouth.

Before you even start speaking, a glance across the dance floor or a flirty wink can be enough to show someone you’re interested.  Be careful that if you are being winked at in a bar or a club that it is actually you that the person is winking at because it would be embarrassing if the person you think is flirting with you is actually flirting with someone behind you, not to mention the disappointment!

When you walk over to whomever you are going to flirt with, make sure that you are careful about it!  Don’t go running over like a kid who’s just seen an ice cream van across the street.  If you trip, that will be really embarrassing and if you seem too eager, the other person is likely to be freaked out and run away, and a hilarious but unproductive chase will ensue, which could even result in you being arrested if the other person thinks you’re going to attack them!

Whilst you are talking to the other person, make sure that you don’t fold your arms.  This can make you seem closed and unavailable.  You should also make sure that you don’t act nervously either.  Nervous behavior includes playing with your hair and picking up nearby objects.  If you are drinking alcohol from a bottle, make sure that you don’t absentmindedly peel the label from the bottle either, as it is a well known fact that people who do this are sexually frustrated – unless of course, that is the impression that you want to give, in which case, peel away!

With staying at home and spending someone else’s money becoming an attractive option for many western women, the means of finding a rich eligible bachelor is getting to be more simple.  If you want to date a rich man who will be able to spoil you and provide you with so much money that you won’t need to work again, then these are a few tips for you.

Get a makeover. This may seem harsh, but there is a lot of competition out there, and men who have lots of money are often looking for an attractive girlfriend who will make them look good when they are attending social events.

Sign up for a dating website. There are many sites with more popping up all the time that allow women like you to sign up, and plenty of nice men sign up to them to find a girlfriend too. You should make yourself sound as attractive as possible and use a good-looking picture of yourself.

Attend the posh bars. If you go to the most high class bars in town, you will be able to meet men who have high flying professions and lots of cash. Sports players frequent the posh bars and you should try to attend celebrity filled after parties too. Try to get in with the rich crowd at these venues so that they can introduce you to any rich single guys that they know.

Another way to get a man of your dream is by trying to get a job at a theatre or a TV recording studio. By getting employed there, you will have a better opportunity to go to many celebrity parties too, especially if you are in a research role.