Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to know exactly where they came from by tracing back their family lineage onto as far in the past as possible? For some of us, this is a mystery. Yours may be a case of adoption or another situation that caused separation from your birth parents and now having learned at least one name of a blood relative, you can take it further to find others who are closely linked to your genealogy.

What Does Genealogy Entail?

As we’ve discussed, it centers around tracing someone’s familial history. This is done by using different forms of concrete documentation. These include census records, adoption records, marriage and death certificates, and of course birth papers.

Probate records like those provided at www.recordclick.com and military records can also be used to prove identity and family relations. When undertaking this process, it is imperative to engage with a company that provides court certified documents, and if that company also provides a team to stand with you in court, even better. Proudly boasting a 98% success rate, Record Click is ready to provide you with their service no matter where you find yourself around the world.


Expert article author, Tina Cindy, stated that the benefits of conducting genealogical research can be largely beneficial to one’s psychological state. How you may ask? The sense of accomplishment you feel acting as your own personal detective, should you choose to undertake this task yourself, is amazing. You may be discovering new or hidden abilities of analysis and observation. Your level of pride in your family line could grow based on the information you unearth, rejuvenating your inspiration to continue on the legacy. This may also very well foster a greater sense of belonging.

Imagine the excitement and joy you will feel when you’ve finally managed to locate long-lost family members. And if alive, the hum of anticipation that will fill your body at the mere thought of seeing them again.

Knowing who makes up your family can further prove useful in attaining government grants, scholarships, and entrance into membership clubs. Applying for a passport or visa are other situations where having at least the name, date of birth, or death of a mother or father would be needed. If you’re curious about knowing whether you are at risk for certain diseases, or if you are indeed related to someone famous, this is a sure way to get some answers.

Where To Start

It is advised that you begin the process with yourself. Make note of all the key information you have on hand. Then branch out, starting with the information you do know of the people currently linked to you. This would mean you move on to your parents, siblings, then onto grandparents. If you know aunts and uncles, they would factor in also. Focus on sub-headings of names, dates, and relationships. Places can also be factored in. Start your journey in whatever state you’re in. See if you can find articles, newspaper stories, journals, or anything of the sort. Visit your library and conduct a search through their historical section. Scour those pages looking for any familiar last names.

Don’t be ashamed to ask your family for help. They may have much more information than you do and know of many stories that will help you along. Compare whatever you find out with governmental sources. Visit the church to source marriage and death records. Baptismal records are also useful. No place you can think of should be left out.

Tribal Genealogy

The process is basically the same. Make use of the online platform as well as reach out in person. If you were adopted, contact the Bureau of Indian Affairs for clarity on whether those documents are open or closed, and if and when you can gain access. The bureau does caution against enlisting help from online organizations and instead insists you refer to an attorney who can shed more light on the matter.

As we can all agree, there is definitely a need for this process. Too many people are left with unanswered questions that leave them feeling incomplete. If you have tried on your own but have not been successful, don’t give up hope. Credible genealogists are out there and simply waiting on you to make contact. No matter where you are, and no matter where you believe you originated from, it is not out of the scope of the professionals. Take a shot, you may be pleasantly surprised by what you find.

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