There are many games to play on the market, but if you’re having fun with one game and are looking for more of the same then a game franchise is your cup of tea. There are several such franchises available today, but there are specific ones that you shouldn’t miss out on. These are some of those franchises:

The Fallout Franchise

Nuclear bombs can change the world significantly as you’ll see in the Fallout franchise. Towns won’t be what they seem and you’ll need to beat mutants and various factions of people to reach the objective after you leave your vault that is. You’ll even get a New Vegas in this franchise.

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One interesting thing about this franchise is that money of any kind is worthless. Instead, transactions are made with bottle caps which shows you that plastic is useful for something after all.

The Assassin’s Creed Franchise

This might be a franchise you’re familiar with as it’s still going on. It has lots of titles to bestow as it goes from period to period in history and takes you along for a ride. You’ll get to meet the Assassins and Templars, 2 ancient orders that have been looking to dominate each other for centuries. So, you’ll play as characters from both orders in this franchise and discover both their perspectives and opinions on the world. The second game introduces the most popular character, Ezio Auditore, and his story continues in Brotherhood and Revelations.

You’ll also get Connor and Haytham, and even Bayek, Eivor, and Shay. If you follow the order of the way the games came out then you’ll get to meet Altair first. Besides them, you’ll get to meet various characters along the way like Leonardo Da Vinci, Richard Lionheart, Cleopatra, George Washington, and more. Also, you will be able to climb any building or tower you set your eyes on which means you’ll be able to see landmarks from a new perspective. Go with any title that seems interesting to you.

The Resident Evil Franchise

This is a horror franchise where you’ll compete against the corporation known as Umbrella which has released a virus that turns people into zombies. The Spencer Mansion incident is the one that starts all this and then the virus spreads to Raccoon City and then to the rest of the world in many shapes. You’ll get to play as Ethan, Jill, Chris, Claire, and many other characters in the quest to stop the outbreak. Additionally, you’ll craft various items, get all sorts of weapons, and defeat zombies and abominations created by the corporation. It’s a shooter franchise with some nice challenges, so you’ll have fun with it.

The Dragon Age Franchise

Fantasy titles come and go, but the best ones stay. The Dragon Age franchise is one such franchise. So far, there are 3 titles in this franchise and they’re all worth your while. In the first one, you’ll get to meet the Grey Wardens, that will fight bravely against the Dark Spawn. You’ll get to become a Grey Warden yourself as you survive the initiation ritual. But the king will be betrayed at a key battle and you will be left to fend for yourself in search of allies to take the battle to the Dark Spawn.

Then there’s the second one that takes you to Kirkwall where you’ll spark a Mage Rebellion to save the region. Finally, you’ll get to be part of the Inquisition in the game of the same name, and you’ll even get to be at the head of it. You’ll get to deal with new enemies coming from rifts all over Thedas, and you’ll get to find out who caused them. These RPGs are remarkable and playing them in order will get you the full story, although you’re playing with different characters.

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