University or college students and tutors donโ€™t need to feel ashamed about setting time aside to play a few games together. Academic writing services say that tutors all over the world know some of the best team-building games with some games allowing participants to play them digitally.ย  Writing expert Lauren Bradshaw has done a great job researching the topic of fun zoom activities for college students. With the help of an academic essay writer from CustomWritings, we will look at some fun zoom activities she has uncovered.

1. Virtual heads or tails with a coin

Heads or tails is a game that has been around for many years and thanks to advancements in technology, it can now be played virtually. Tutors can share their screen to zoom and flip a coin, and it is up to students to guess whether it is heads or tails. Any students who guess wrong can be eliminated until there are a few standing who will be declared winners. Students can also play this game amongst themselves while waiting for virtual lessons to begin if their tutors havenโ€™t arrived.

2. Virtual scavenger hunt

This game is mostly played at parks or campsites but since the pandemic hit in 2020, it made its way to students’ screens. Tutors make a list of things that students can find outside as well as inside their house. Once the list is completed, a timer of 10 minutes is set where they are tasked with finding said items.

The student that finds the most objects on the list wins. To add some spice to the game, when all the objects are collected, tutors can ask students to show them off on-screen and tell the rest of the class to guess whether they are solids or liquids.

3. A game of 20 questions

20 questions is also a nice game to play via zoom and all a tutor has to do is pick a student that will be in charge of proceedings. When the lead student is picked, they will think of a noun and ask the rest of their classmates to guy if they are thinking of an object, place, or person. 

The rest of the classmates can try and guess what the leader is thinking by asking 20 questions. The leader will answer either yes or no to the questions. When the class fails to guess what it is after 20 questions, the leader will be declared the winner.

4. Carry on the story 

This game is all about being creative and the premise of this game is a leader starts off a story and each student needs to add a few phrases to continue it. According to professional writing services, students need to be reminded by their tutors that each story has a beginning, a midpoint, interesting characters, and an ending. The key to the game is to teach students the importance of teamwork, listening carefully, and ensuring they tell a sensible story.

5. Virtual charades

Online writing services say even though this game is best played in person, it can also be enjoyed virtually. A tutor can pick one student, and they can start presenting their ideas on the screen to the rest of the class. The lead student will then make gestures to act out their ideas. The student that guesses correctly will be the one who will act out their ideas next. Topic ideas can come from things like sports, books, films, and more.

6. Would you rather

A wonderful game to play while waiting for other students to join an online session is called would you rather. In this game, students are given two scenarios and asked to pick one. For instance, โ€œWould you rather go to Disneyland for a holiday or take a trip to the beach?โ€ This game encourages conversation with each giving reasons why they would like to pick one over the other.

7. Guess the sound

Everyone is familiar with different sounds because they are all around us every day, and we hear them. On zoom, a game called guess the sound can be played where a tutor will play various sounds in the background and ask their students to guess what it is. It could be sounds from an object or an animal and the more obscure sounds the better. This game is great for helping students recognize different sounds immediately.

8. Name the logo

Similar to the game above, products that students use in their everyday lives have logos on them. Businesses use logos to differentiate themselves from the competition and here, tutors can use various logos from sports, cars, or tech companies to see how many their students can name. The student that can name the most logos is the winner of this game.

9. Spot the difference

This is a game that has been around for many years and was made popular by newspapers and magazines. These days with the power of technology, this game can now be played on zoom and all a tutor has to have is two images that look identical but have a few differences in them. They can share their screen with their students and ask them to spot the differences between the two images. Students can be given a timer and whoever can spot the most differences when the time is up, is the winner.

10. I spy

The game โ€œI spyโ€ has been a playground and campsite favorite for decades in the United States of America. The whole idea of this game is for the person leading to look at objects in the surrounding area, let the others know what letter the thing they are looking at begins with, and it is up to them to guess what object it is.

It is a great game to play when everyone is in the same area, but it can also be played on zoom as long as everyone has a good quality camera. Since people couldnโ€™t physically see each other when the COVID-19 pandemic was at its peak, most college or university tutors and students chose to play this game on zoom and still had a great time doing so.

Final thoughts

Overall, it doesnโ€™t matter what abs the students are. Seeing students smiling across the screen gives many tutors a lot to join and increases the bond between two parties according to legit paper writing services. Trying any of the games above will do a tutor no harm because they are all fun in their unique way. There are so many zoom games out there that didn’t make the list, but these are some best.

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