The beginning of a new relationship could be filled with excitement and fun. You want to know your partner, spend time together, and do things that will bring you closer.

Your relationship seems to lose its excitement as it ages, and this could be due to other activities that you or your partner are involved with.

Is your partner gradually drifting from you? Are you tired of being in a boring relationship? If yes, find out some fun activities that could help you become closer to your partner in this article.

Playful competition

Engaging in playful competition such as video games, question games, and others will not only help you spend time together, but it will also help you relax in each other’s arms. The beauty of video games is that you guys will have something to anticipate about.

Before you opt for video games, you should know your partnerโ€™s interest. For instance, you might be interested in shooting games while your partner’s interest is in soccer games. Also, question games will allow you to know what you donโ€™t know about your partner.

Do not ask questions that will generate answers such as yes or no. You should ask questions that will make your partner talk at least for a minute. For instance, โ€œhow would you describe your first day in college?โ€ You should look for games that interest both of you and have fun. This playful competitiveness can journey into the bedroom. Ally Michaels who runs the chastity store says that she has couples who purchase her products to see who can โ€˜abstainโ€™ the longest โ€“ an interesting concept thatโ€™s for sure!

Exercise together

Exercise is a great way to enhance your overall health and could bring you closer to your partner physically and mentally. You can join an online exercise class, download an app, or you sign up at a gym together.

It does not have to be a strenuous activity. You can also exercise by cleaning the basement or redecorating your apartment. When you walk out with your partner, you spend more quality time together.

Moreover, you can also strengthen emotional and sexual connections when you do yoga with your partner. You can watch yoga tutorials on YouTube or register for online lessons. Remember that regular exercise has a lot of benefits both physically, sexually, and mentally.

Engage in Collective activities

You can laugh more, bond, and have fun when you do what you love or what your partner loves together. You will surely enjoy every minute of such an activity. You can start by exploring each otherโ€™s hobbies and interests together.

I am sure your partner will be excited to go on an interstate journey with you if a road trip is a hobby. Also, if reading is yours, share one of your favorite books with your partner, and you then talk about it in one of those cozy moments that you spend together. You can schedule a free day where you guys will have fun cooking a delicious meal together.

Donโ€™t worry if you are not a great cook. You can learn from a professional or you can watch tutorials. The delicious taste is good but what is essential is that you laugh and spend quality time together in the kitchen.

Party together

The energy level is always different when you watch your favorite artist perform live on stage. The experience will be fun-filled if the artist is your favorite and your partner’s. If there is a difference in a favorite artist or music taste, you should tell each other.

If your partner’s favorite artist is coming to town, you can surprise your partner by buying tickets to the concert. You can also party at home when you are playing each other’s favorites and you dance to the melody of the song. You can also hit the club together.


Getting closer to your partner involves being creative and adventurous. You should celebrate every moment together and make it worthwhile.

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