In academic writing, there are different situations where paraphrasing tools can be helpful. For one, they can be a great way to simplify your sentences and make them more clear and easy to understand.

Although there is a bit of a stigma attached to paraphrasing tools, especially in the field of academia, it (the stigma) largely relates to the use of such tools for unethical purposes. But as far as optimizing and enhancing one own content goes, using paraphrasers is totally fine.

If you don’t know which tools to use for your content, don’t worry. In this post, we’re going to be listing some free ones that you can easily access on the internet.

Let’s get started.

Paraphrase Tools for Academic Writers and Students

There is a large variety of paraphrasing tools available on the internet nowadays. However, a lot of them are not very intelligent in their functionality. In this list, we will try and mention some of them that you can rely on for improving your content…rather than doing the opposite.

1. Paraphrasing Tool by

The paraphrasing tool by can be a great choice for people who want to use a paraphraser without having to deal with a lot of fancy frills and menus.

It’s basically a simple and straightforward tool. That’s what we mean.

Surprisingly, although this tool looks simple and straightforward, it provides nearly the same type and number of features as the other paraphrasers we’ve discussed on this list.

For one, there are multiple modes and languages that you can choose from. You can also upload files from your device for quickly importing content. The results can be copied or downloaded using the quick-access buttons given below the output box.

Another surprising thing about the paraphrasing tool by is that it does not have any paid plan that you have to worry about purchasing. You can use all the modes as much as you want. The word limit per session is 1,000…which is pretty good considering that clamps up at 400 for free users.


  • File uploads supported
  • Multiple languages supported
  • Word count provided
  • Results can be easily copied and downloaded

Use of Paraphrasers in Academic Writing

Now that we’re done listing some paraphrasers that you can use in 2022 for academic writing, let’s take a look at how both of these are related.

Contrary to what a lot of people may think, paraphrasers are not unethical and “sneaky” tools by their very nature. Although there can be some people, especially students, who can use paraphrasing tools for…unscrupulous purposes, it’s not all that they are used for.

In academic content, paraphrasers can be used ethically for the following purposes:

  • Removing plagiarism in cases of accidental duplication
  • Improving the clarity and delivery of the content
  • Removing repetition from a piece of text

And so on.

2. Prepostseo

Prepostseo is an online platform that provides a range of different tools and utilities. Some are related to SEO, some are related to writing while some are just general converters, calculators and text generators.

The paraphrasing tool is one of their popular and high-quality offerings. It works smartly to rephrase the given content in order to make it look different but with the same meaning as the original.

Prepostseo Tool

There are a total of four modes that you can use with this paraphrasing tool. They include:

  • Simple
  • Advanced
  • Fluency
  • Creative

From these four modes, Simple, Advanced and Fluency are free to use whereas Creative is for paid users only.

Prepostseo actually provides a premium plan for the whole platform. By purchasing it, you can unlock the Creative mode in the paraphraser, and also get a lot of other perks such as an increased input limit for the plagiarism checker and DA checker etc.

Pricing Details

Prepostseo Pricing

Main Features

The following are some of the features that you can enjoy with the paraphrasing tool by Prepostseo:

  • File uploads supported
  • File importing from cloud supported (Google Drive)
  • Multiple modes
  • Multiple languages
  • A wide array of post-processing options (copy, download etc.) 

2. Rephrase online

This is yet another excellent tool that you can try out if you are looking to use a paraphrase tool free of cost. This is a completely free tool which means that all its features are available from the get go, and you don’t have to worry about any premium upgrades.

Rephrase online

When it comes to the features and method of use, this paraphrasing tool is a lot similar to the one by Prepostseo. There are multiple modes available that you can select before starting the process. is simple and easy to use. To get started, you have to import your content by either typing/copy-pasting it directly into the input box or by uploading a file from your local storage. Then, you can just complete the captcha and click on the ‘Paraphrase’ button to start the process.

Now, you may be worried that there are limitations because it’s a free tool, but don’t worry. There are limitations but they are quite lenient. Most free tools have a small word limit, but allows you to rephrase 2,500 words per session. You can also use its different modes according to your requirements.

Main Features

Summing it briefly, here are some features that you can enjoy with this tool:

  • Multiple languages
  • Multiple paraphrasing modes
  • Upload files from local storage
  • Easily copy, download or erase the output using quick-access buttons


Finding good paraphrasing tools online can be a bit hectic. Picking a tool, understanding its features and then running a couple of test runs to see how it works can all be a little time-taking.

In this post, we’ve made this whole thingamajig a little easier for you. You can get started with any of the three tools we’ve mentioned above. They are free to start and you don’t have to make an account to use them.

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