Do you want to explore Germany on a road trip? It will undoubtedly be an experience of a lifetime and dream come true for a car-enthusiast!

The scenic routes, to more than 150 themed tours, will lead you to breathtaking views at your own pace. In other words, discover amazing scenic routes of Germany without even leaving the comfort of your own automobile.

However, you don’t have to sweat it if you get into any car trouble. Why?

When it is stated that, Germany is a full package it means you get it all! From best car services to premium quality auto parts at pocket-friendly prices. So, you can enjoy your road trip without any issues!

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Moreover, you will create lifelong memories in the fairytale castles, unreal countryside, vineyards, UNESCO spots, tons of outdoor activities, wine culture to a lot more.

Make the Most Out of Your Road Trip

Are you ready to reward your road trip with best four ways to enjoy German scenic routes? Yes, let’s dig it out!

1. Fussen- The Last Stop of The Romantic Road

How can one miss out on Fussen while talking about scenic routes of Germany?

It is an ancient 700-year old town located on the edge of the Alps. You can get to the royal castle of Neuschwanstein and Hohenschwangau easily. As it is only a 5 min drive from the gorgeous Bavarian town. It can be considered as the beginning of the last stop on the romantic road!

The romantic soul of Bavaria has so much to offer. It’s a sight like no other when you get to explore the quieter side of town. You’d get your chance once all the day-trippers go back. The town feels as if it was hand-painted by an artist with many beautiful places.

A perfect place to stay if you plan to visit the fairytale castles along your journey. You will find plentiful ways to appreciate this ancient town.

Begin your journey with Fussen, you won’t regret it!

The artistic state gallery, diverse landscapes such as Allgau hills, the picture-perfect mountains of the Ammergau, and art and archeological finds in the museum of Fussen go back to 1000-year history.

Not to mention, the palace courtyard is illustrated with 500-year old illusion paintings. Furthermore, the unique ambiance of the overall town with great food, cute coffee cafes such as Fussener Kaffeerosterei, to strolling down the streets leisurely or spending time around the shops.

2. Take The Road to The Beach

You thought Germany has no beaches? Well, now you know the country has it in Sylt.

Hit the beach located on the North Sea island of Sylt. Explore Europe’s one of the gorgeous dune-backed sands of all time. It’s not that far from Germany’s northwest coast, only 5 miles off before you reach the island. You can get there from Hamburg with super easy 3-hour rail connections.

Are you into extensively elegant coastal mansions or ocean-viewed restaurants? Then, it is your sign to go to this sprawling island.

Did you know that world’s biggest windsurfing competition is held there?

Well, yeah. It is held by The PWA Windsurf World Cup in Wester land. So, if are devoted to the spectacular windsurfing scene then mark the month-September-is your guy!

Hit the beach, go windsurfing, enjoy delicious meals with oceanfront restaurants, discover the beautiful mansions and come back home with nothing less but lifetime memories!

3. Sleep-But in A Sky Tent

Woah! An adventurous person’s dream comes true when extreme camping means sleeping in a sky tent! Perhaps, a new meaning to the overall experience of camping.

Where & How?

Explore the beautiful, thrilling experience at the adventure resort of Waldseilgarten Hollschlucht. Its located in the village of Pfronten in part of Bavaria. The village is surrounded by mountains, unspoiled countryside views, artistic scenery too so much more.

Basically, the tents are alike what rock climbers sleep while climbing for a longer period. Thus, it is known as portaledges. Therefore, you have to climb ropes and cables which are attached to the tree. Then, just climb inside your tent and get rewarded with unreal scenic views of the Bavarian Alps.

To be honest, it’s once in a blue moon experience to find ourselves sleeping inside a tent which is suspended via a tree. However, your sportsmanship will play an active role in reaching the portaledges.

No one wants to miss out on an remarkable experience like this. Hence, make sure to stop by the adventure resort on your road trip to discover a lot more than just sleeping in a sky tent!

4. Long Rafting

Did someone say Long Rafting? Yes.

Explore the long rafting experience in Germany at the Isar River from mid-May to mid-September.

It’s a great way to bond with locals by being together on a traditional log raft.

What Is So Exclusive About Long Rafting at Isar River?

The raft is built in a century-old style. Imagine logs joining in a horizontal manner and bound together. The way the raft is built get you the chance to leisurely float down the Isar river. Go for a swim, do some barbeque, indulge in a pleasant conversation with a local as it’s a meeting place in summers for Germans, or simply party it down!

So, if you are in Munich don’t forget to visit the Munich heaven of swimming, boating, and even exploring a waterfall by weir locks. It is basically a perfect place to unwind & relax a lot more.Germany has it all. A great country to be explored via road trip and that too hassle-free. Make sure to know about the road signs beforehand for your own safety. Also, do not forget the international driving permit unless you have the U.S one! Stay stress-free with the best car services present which provide all-rounder car parts as well. Make sure to use Kfzteile24 gutscheincode to score a great discount!

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