With gas prices, as well as airplane ticket prices, at sky-high levels, many families are having to really crunch numbers when it comes to deciding whether itโ€™s more economical to drive or fly. When children are involved, the numbers may point to one choice, but time and sanity constraints may dictate making the other. However, family holidays are important for both children and parents, and for peace of mind and safety, you can consider family friendly villas in Ibiza.

How to choose?

Here are some considerations to keep in mind when determining whether itโ€™s better to drive or fly to your next vacation destination:


This is often the consideration that causes the angst in the first place. Do the math: how much will it be for you to purchase an airplane ticket for each member of your party?  Although airline rules state that babies under 2 years of age can fly on the lap of an adult, many families opt to buy a seat for their young children for reasons of safety and comfort for all involved parties. To figure out gasoline expenses for driving, use an online calculator, or simply divide the number of miles that you need to drive by the number of miles per gallon that your car gets, then multiply by the price of gas in your area. If you are traveling to an area with a much higher or lower price per gallon of gasoline, factor that into your equation.


When you drive, you may need to factor in the cost of hotels, if you must stop overnight. Add in the cost of an oil change and other maintenance costs that will arise from the wear and tear on your vehicle. Also, consider the cost of food while on the road. If you fly, remember the cost of a rental car, if you need transportation once you reach your destination.


If you drive, you may spend one or more days in each direction purely on the road. This can either take time away from your time at your destination, or can add time onto the beginning and end of your trip.

Your sanity

Sitting in the car for 14 hours with twin three-year-olds is probably not the most relaxing way to start your vacation. On the other hand, even a long road trip with older, well-behaved children can be a fun way to promote family bonding and togetherness. Only you know your children, as well as your tolerance for noise, chaos and whining.

Whatever you decide, you will probably run into problems that you had not anticipated, and you will probably also encounter little delights that you hadnโ€™t expected. Bring along extra money, your camera, and your sense of humorโ€ฆ always a necessity when traveling with kids!

Do you typically fly or drive to your vacation destinations?

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