Feng shui. We’ve all heard about it, but why is it so important to us? Especially when we’re at home?

Well, the answer to that is pretty straight off the bat. It’s extremely necessary to invite in Chi, or positive Feng Shui energy into our daily lives, and at the centre of where we’re all connected, invested and spend the majority of our lives at; our homes. Now, Feng Shui has both- good and bad energy, but how we convert that bad “vibes” to positive, free-spirited energy is all up to us. I find indoor plants a GREAT way to get to know a little bit more about the Chi that surrounds our comfort zones.

Generally, no one would like to invite bad Chi’s into your personal space but be cautious-even if you find yourself surrounded by dozens of positive Feng Shui plants around your comfy sofa, or next to your favourite coffee mug, without good, purified, clean air, it would still have adverse effects. We call this blocked energy, the interruption of the flow of Chi by blocking walls (with bad air).

Not only that, the Bagua (also called ba-gua or pakua), known as the Feng Shui energy map of our private homes or any space for that matter, must be carefully identified earlier on. There are 8 Bagua areas in any given space with their own feng shui element, direction and feng shui colour. The 9th Bagua area, therefore, contains all the 8 bagua areas and is related with the Earth element, most notably being the Center area of the space. You can be sure if the plants are well-positioned in suitable Bagua areas, as well as being cared for around the clock (no overwatering!) and also kept in visually aesthetic pots- it will usher in vibrant, alive and joyful energy into your lives.

The Lucky Bamboo Plant

Lucky Bamboo Plant

Now, for all the Feng Shui enthusiasts out there- this is going to sound repetitive, but this plant right here has it all. It contains an abundant source of vitality, life, luck, peace and flexibility (the spaces between the stalks represent open airways for vibrant Chi’s to flow among the air and space). This indoor plant is also known as Draecena, is an air-purifying plant, with its beautiful, soothing and visibly aesthetic elements ready to change the atmosphere and dull look of space into one of a beautiful Balinese spa!

It combines all 5 feng shui elements-Water, Wood, Fire, Earth and Metal. Pay close attention to the number of stalks for this plant, as it symbolizes certain wants in your life. Use 2 stalks for happiness in love and marriage or add up to 5 stalks for the abundance of good health. It’s all up to you, really!



Naturally beautiful, orchids (short for Orchidaceae) are an ideal plant to add to your home collection. It also represents fertility and the abundance of spiritual growth, beauty and purity. Used as a gift for your loved ones, or as a simple décor around the house- it will bring you more joy as the orchids of Feng Shui is known to diminish feelings of sorrow and misery.

Ease your life’s hardships with this beautiful flower! Suitable for a warm, tropical climate, orchids must be placed in Baguas with great ventilation and should receive a large quantity of sunlight. Treated well, these are sure to bring a smile on your face.

A plus point for orchids; a good investment is to place them in the bedroom as they bring love and purity in life. Place an aesthetic pot of orchids by your bedside table, for the sheer beauty while you pick up a favourite novel and cosy up in bed.

Peace Lily

Peace Lily

Counteract negative feng shui by placing peace lilies (or spathiphyllum) within three feet away from your trusty laptop or the counter table in the kitchen. This plant has beautiful air-purifying qualities that stand out from the rest, with white flowers blooming in beauty. From its name, “peace” lily can do more than just a medium of peaceful thinking-it can even prevent medical conditions like asthma and headaches!

A simple detox, yet powerful and extremely easy to care for. Dark environments are the best for these plants and are able to blend in with any décor. I can guarantee your friend might take this idea back to her house instead!

If Feng Shui is what you’re looking for in your choice of indoor plants, another tip is to avoid placing prickly, thorny and spiky plants within your space as it counters positive Chi’s and may bring more harm than good. That means you, Cactus!

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