One of the most unpleasant feelings anybody may have is back discomfort. It almost paralyzes you and doesn’t allow you to think about anything else. According to statistics, back discomfort affects one-third of adults, and this number has been steadily rising over time. Fortunately, pain can be reduced even with a sedentary lifestyle.

It is ideal if you attend massage sessions with professional massage therapists for prevention. So google massage therapy near me and be sure to make an appointment with a specialist. A special massage course from a professional is sometimes able to put a person on his feet even with strong and constant pain.

Well, if you don’t always have the opportunity to visit a massage parlor, we’ll talk about simple exercises to get rid of discomfort in the back. They are easy to perform, don’t take much time, but truly effective.

Child pose

Get on your knees with your pelvis resting on your heels. Gently bend your legs. Next, bend your knees widely and incline your body downward. Stretch your palms as far forward as you can while lowering your head. The buttocks shouldn’t lift off the heels, and the arms should be straight. The neck and back are also somewhat rounded at the same time. After 30 seconds, lock the extreme posture, then straighten up and go back to the beginning position.

Cat Cow pose

Go down on all fours. Pull your shoulder blades up, round your back, and as much of your chest as you can as you exhale. The head is turned to the side. For ten seconds, maintain this posture. =Then inhale deeply and bend your back as far as you can. Pull your pelvis up and elevate your head gently. The chest should be as accessible as you can. Ten seconds should be spent holding this position before going back to the beginning.

In the absence of discomfort, you can do 10-15 repetitions. The cat cow exercise helps to stretch and strengthen the muscles of the lumbar spine and effectively relieves back pain.

Forward bends from a standing position

Place your feet shoulder-width apart or wider, back straight, neck extended down. Take a slow breath and lean forward. The back should remain straight, and the knees should also not be bent. Rest your hands on your shin. Stay in the arched position for five seconds and then straighten your back. Repeat five times or until discomfort appears.

If there was a seizure

It is important to know how to provide first aid, what to do and how to treat the back if it has entered the lower back.


  • Try to lighten the burden. Even the weight of your own body can be extra, especially if an injury has occurred. It would be better to lie on a surface of medium hardness and take a natural pose.
  • Taking painkillers. Beware of applying cooling or warming ointments. NSAID painkillers without an identified underlying cause will give a temporary effect.
  • Immobilize the damaged area. Fixing in a natural position, while removing some of the load, would also be a reasonable step. A tight bandage will do. The best option would be bondage or a special corset that secures the spine.
  • After first aid, even if everything was successful, and the patient felt better, you need to be examined in the clinic. After all, temporary deliverance is not the elimination of the root cause.

Please, note

When performing complexes for the lower back, it is important to consider several points. To relieve pain and prevent their occurrence in the future, it is necessary to combine stretching exercises and strengthening the muscles of the lumbar region. With back pain, you must be extremely careful about the level of load and avoid sudden movements that can aggravate the situation.

Severe lower back pain can indicate serious illness, so if you experience prolonged discomfort, you should consult a doctor.

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