The familiar name of a popular slot, the familiar preview picture, and a well-known provider’s logo are not indicators that the video slot is licensed and works appropriately. Dozens of casino slots are fakes or, as they are also named – scripted games in online casinos. They have an extremely low RTP that prevents players from winning. However, there are several ways you can use to determine whether a slot is fake or not.

What are Reliable Slots?

Licensed online slots are developed by game suppliers, which sell their software to operators like online gambling establishments, gaming platforms, betting websites, etc. Among them are Pragmatic Play, NetEnt, Play’N Go, Microgaming and many others.

The game vendors integrate a random number generator (RNG) into their developments, set the return percentage index, volatility and other parameters. The game code itself is protected from hacking and breaching. Thus, online casino operators cannot change the RTP. They only have an opportunity to observe the statistics. Thanks to this innovative approach, customers are guaranteed fair play. They get the return that the manufacturer claims. But, this only applies to licensed slots.

What are Fake Slots?

Fraudulent online casinos purchase fake gambling solutions from programmers or other companies, and the games have the same design and interface as licensed games. But the primary difference lies in the origin of these games.

The source code in such casino slots is opened for everyone. So, the operators can independently adjust or correct an RTP index and other parameters at their discretion.

Seeing the slot’s familiar name, the players think that they are spinning the reels of a slot machine created by a well-known game provider, but this is not so. Because of the settings, it is impossible to win in fake slots. Thus, some casino operators use special tricks and give you a taste of victory firstly, and only then they lower the RTP.

The Ways to Detect Fake Slots

You always should pick online casinos with a license for your fair gambling experience. But, scammers have been becoming more and more clever and apply many devious tricks. These tricks focus on one goal to make their websites look indistinguishable from licensed online casino platforms. The scammers post unreliable licensed information but take it from respectful websites. Therefore, when checking the casino data of the regulator’s website, customers can find the license number and the company’s name. This data will help you figure out the background and credibility of the casino operator.

There is one more method to review that you deal with licensed original casino games. All tested online slots are operating on the developers’ servers. The fake slots use different ones. Hence, you need to check the server from which your favourite game is launched. And everything becomes apparent at once.

You see how it is crucial to play in reliable online slots. And therefore, you should be careful and avoid unfair and dishonest online gambling establishments to save your money and not be disappointed about the gambling industry. The licensed casino operators and their rating, you can find following this link – best online Casinos. Play legit casino games and have a positive gambling experience only.

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