Moldavite is a beautiful green rock caused by a meteorite impact believed to have occurred over 15 million years ago. Suffice to say, this is an impressive stone that is considered to have properties resembling specific energies. if you feel physically weak maybe you should care about your health for boosting more energy and active life. Here is something that can help with your progress. Check thisย can Aztec clay expire.

Origins Of This Celestial Phenomenon

It is believed that over 15 million years ago, a meteorite that was hurtling towards Earth impacted a location that is now Southern Germany (more specifically in the Nรถrdlinger Ries impact crater). The exact origins of the meteorite are unknown. Still, it is considered rare because nowhere else on the planet has this particular crystal, and the energy of Moldavite makes it a highly sought-after crystal. Although it is thought to have originated from outer space and landed in Germany, its name is derived from the Vltava river (often referred to in English as the Moldau River) in the Czech Republic, from where humans discovered the first pieces.

Chemical Composition

Moldavite crystals are a form of Tektite formed by molten natural glass that was ejected from the meteorite as it impacted. Its chemical formula is SiO2(+Al2O3) which indicates high silica levels. Natural Moldavite is forest green in color and resembles glass with tiny bubbles inside the gem, whose patterns create an aura of grace and has a transcendental nature.


This crystal is an undoubtedly interesting specimen that many people desire for its beauty as well as its more esoteric properties.


Moldavite generally comes in several different styles, from smooth and water drop-like to a more typical crystal-like appearance. Although it is a form of Tektite, which is usually black or brown, Moldavite comes in various colors, with moss green being most desirable.

Physical Healing Powers

While there is no concrete evidence to back it up, there is a lot of anecdotal evidence from people in possession of Moldavite and claim that the energy released is so powerful that it can “unblock” specific pathways that cause:

  • Asthma.
  • Dermatological diseases.
  • Allergies.

In addition to these suspected healing properties, it is also said to have rejuvenating characteristics to slow down aging.


Moldavite is in high demand due to its rarity, but mostly because it is perceived to have specific other-worldly characteristics. Many people can feel a vibrational frequency that comes from it, and while some people feel a positive energy, others get a sense of negativity and even feelings of depression. The overwhelming sense is that the force it releases is powerful enough to cause a wide range of emotions in different people. It is said to have the following properties:

  • Can connect you to the powers of the universe.
  • Has vibrational frequencies that resonate differently with other people.
  • Allows you to transcend your physical body to meet yourself in a higher plane of existence.
  • Cleanse you of negative energy (however, it seems to have an opposite effect on some people).
  • Change your thought patterns to increase your innate creative abilities.

Emotional Healing Powers

The true benefit of the crystal comes from the ability it processes to cure emotional strain. For example, some people have attested that it can almost completely remove many of the more undesirable aspects of the human mind. These include:

  • Jealousy.
  • Social anxiety.
  • Anger.
  • Fear.
  • Mistrust.

Moreover, some people state that they use it to explore their pasts and some possible futures that their souls are attempting to navigate. This can give insights into the true nature of your soul and give you an understanding of what it needs to become fulfilled. If your spirit is content, your present self will also be.

Downsides Of Moldavite

Some users can find that the frequencies that the crystal outputs to be too intense and react unfavorably to it. It is rare, and most people feel positive around the stone, but it is worth keeping in mind. Furthermore, a phenomenon known as “Moldavite Flush” can occur in those who are extremely sensitive to ambient vibration.

How Do You Use It?

For most people, simply having it near them is enough to benefit from its healing energies. However, some people need a far more intense connection to rid themselves of more profound emotions. These people will generally wear it around their neck as both a decoration and a way to receive its almost talismanic power.

Beware Of Fakes

Due to its rarity and alleged healing powers, there, unfortunately, exists a market for fakes. The best way to ascertain if you are buying a genuine item is to inspect it visually. If it is clear and too shiny, it is likely to be a fake. Additionally, you should be able to feel if it is genuine or not. If it is merely a piece of glass, you couldn’t feel any effect at all.

Moldavite is a supremely interesting crystal that appeared on Earth millions of years ago and seems to affect most people positively. Aside from its ethereal beauty, which is undeniable, you should feel beneficial effects from prolonged exposure.

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