Electric scooters have certainly transformed the future of personal transportation. At the very least, the personal transportation industry is surely enjoying its rapid growth all around the world. However, when it comes to public opinion, it seems to be divided into two. The supporters of this relatively new technology think this is the best tool that’s been invented in recent years, while adversaries are wary of the various cons that come with this technology. Whether you’re a supporter or adversary of the idea, knowing the full picture will help you finalize your stand on the matter.

Without further ado, here are the pros and cons of electric scooters.

Electric Scooters Pros

From convenience to greener alternatives, electric scooters certainly have a lot of advantages. Here are the top pros of using electric scooters:

1. They’re Environmentally Friendly

For the environment-lover, the pros of electric scooters far outweigh their cons. That’s because electric scooters are much more environmentally-friendly when compared to cars since they don’t emit the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that cars do. As a result, their carbon footprint is much lower compared to gas and fuel-operated vehicles.

2. They’re Convenient

One of the biggest advantages of electric scooters lies in their convenience. There’s little to no downtime needed to start the scooter, and parking it is much easier than having to park a car. When you’re out to shop for electric scooters, make sure to look for models that come with specs that match your needs. By looking into models that offer high mileage, good speed, and the latest maneuvering technology, you’ll be sure to maximize their convenience.

3. They’re Cheaper to Operate

Electric scooters are relatively easy to operate; their operation costs are also much cheaper when compared to cars. Since they’re electrically charged, you won’t have to invest in fueling your transportation tool with the ever-rising gas prices anymore. They’re also relatively easier to fix, making their maintenance costs much lower than cars’.

4. They’re Comfortable

All you’ll have to do is jump on your electric scooter and set out on your way; you won’t have to expend any of your energy to get to your destination. That can save you a lot of energy compared to riding a bike or walking on foot.

5. They’re Fun

Riding electric scooters can be a lot of fun, especially if you set out as a group of family or friends. You can drive to your destination all while enjoying the journey to the best of your ability. Don’t forget to make the slowest driver treat you all for drinks!

6. They can be Better for the Neighborhood

Electric scooters can actually be better for the whole neighborhood. Since they’re quiet to drive around, your neighbors can enjoy the added peace of mind with the absence of car horns and engines. Public transportation systems will also benefit from the decreased traffic.

Electric Scooters Cons

Although their advantages are plenty, electric scooters also have a lot of disadvantages. Here are the top cons of using electric scooters:

1. They Can be Dangerous

With nothing shielding, the driver on the road, riding an electric scooter can prove to be pretty dangerous. The fact that scooter riders don’t have to get a driver’s license also means that accidents are more likely to happen – especially by young, reckless, and inexperienced drivers.  This is dangerous to both, the driver and the passersby.

2. Lack of Regulation

There’s a lack of regulation for electric scooters, so regulating them is left for the drivers to decide. As such, you can see electric scooters parked technically everywhere; in car parks, on sidewalks, and in front of stores and buildings. This lack of regulation is not only hurtful to the onlookers, but it also leaves the scooters easily prone to theft.

3. Technical and Battery Issues

There are a few technical issues that come with electric scooters; namely the ride-sharing apps and battery issues. Although ride-sharing has become possible for scooters as well, the apps tend to crash. Otherwise, you may face a lot of battery issues due to overcharging them or forgetting to charge them at all.

4. They’re Expensive

The price of electric scooters is a huge turn-off for many people. You may have to spend a few thousand dollars to get an electric scooter, so many people find it better to invest in a car instead. They also have a high depreciation value, making them bad investment choices.

To make an informed decision, you’ll have to look at both the pros and cons of electric scooters. While they certainly have a lot of pros, their cons can outweigh their benefits for most people. The final verdict can only be made according to your needs, circumstances, and usage. Now that you know, what is your own final verdict?

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