Unfortunately, winter is no wonderland- for some people, it is among the most dreaded times of the year. Between heavy winds, stormy weather, and harsh colds, bone pain is almost inescapable. It seems like no matter what you do, you still canโ€™t get warm enough. Luckily, there are many strategies that you can use to combat winter and its adverse cold. Here are effective ways to stay warm in winter that will help you put an end to feeling like your nose and fingers will fall off and the struggle that is runny noses.

Layer Up

Although it goes without saying, layering is your number one defense against the winter cold. Layering is great as it allows you to take layers off and put them on to adjust to changing body temperatures due to levels of activity or alternations in the general atmosphere throughout the day. Almost everyone in the world dresses in multiple layers before stepping outside in the cold. However, not everyone can keep warm. This is because not everyone understands that each layer has a specific function. Base layers are supposed to absorb the sweat off your skin, middle layers are supposed to protect your body from the cold as they retain body heat, and the outer layer is supposed to guard you against rain and wind. The best thing that you can wear in cold weather is a midweight polyester for the base layer, a synthetically insulated jacket and pants that are midweight fleece for the middle layer, and for the outer layer, a breathable or waterproof jacket and pants. Donโ€™t forget to wear a hat, gloves, a scar, and a pair of warm socks.

Keep the Cold Out

Windows and doors, even when shut, are major sources for cold air and drafts coming into your home from the outside. You can use weather strips to seal your doors and windows for an easy, inexpensive, and effective solution to keep the cold out of your home. V-type, compression, and foam are three types of weatherstrips that you will find. If you have window sashes and seal-swinging doors, opt for compression weather strips. You can use a v-type weatherstrip to seal a window jam or the side of a door. Foam weather strips are adhesive and come in many sizes; they are ideal in the sense of easy installation. Though, they last only one to three years. You can also buy new door sweeps to block the bottom of your exterior door, use window films for insulations, hang insulated curtains, and recaulk your doors and windows.

Maintain the Temperature

Central heating can be very costly and energy-consuming. This is why you canโ€™t keep your entire home warm at the same time. You can either keep the living room or the area that you are staying in on the highest heat and the rest of your home at a slightly lower temperature. The weather in Australia, for instance, can get pretty cold during their winters, and this is why they value the importance of keeping their homes warm, and they generally do so by using portable heaters because of their convenience. The reviews at https://www.orendahomegarden.com/best-portable-heater-australia-review-buy/ also suggest that you invest in a portable heater to keep you warm around the house. Having an electric blanket or using a hot water bottle can also be very effective, especially when you go to sleep.

Stay Active

This one is easier said than done, but staying active during winter can keep you warm. It can be very tempting to curl up in bed or on a comfortable sofa, wrap yourself up in a soft blanket, sip on hot chocolate and binge-watch your favorite TV show. While this is an easy fix and is needed at times, you will find your body temperature dropping as soon as youโ€™re done with your hot drink. The best way to keep your body temperature high is by keeping yourself busy with different tasks around your home. Whether you decide to do simple dusting or conduct a full workout session, physical activity is good for the mind and body, and surely will help you fight the cold.

As winter approaches, many people find themselves worried about the struggle of staying warm. Others may worry about the financial demands of insulating their entire home or running the central heating system throughout winter. Since no one wants to break the bank while putting their entire closet on in the process, we collected a few tips that will help you stay warm in winter. From natural remedies, such as strategic layering and staying active, to blocking out air sources and portable heaters, weโ€™ve got you covered.

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