Edunext is a school management software developed for managing various school activities under one platform. This ERP system works to provide the educational system with the best cost-effective measures, providing them with the solutions to run the entire administration with the least interaction between staff, automating the process of management. Additionally, Edunext also helps the institutions with the admission process and acts as an Admission Counselor for the inquiries made by different students.

Apart from managing the institutional and staff needs, this effective school management application also keeps a track of the fee structure and collection. This enables the management to make the necessary changes to the fee structure over the due course of time. Edunext also facilitates the smart learning process for the students. Discussed below are the top 9 reasons why Edunext is the perfect tool for school management.

  1. One-stop management solution: Edunext is a one-stop management solution for all your institutional needs as this application helps the organization in maintaining a smooth workflow with the least interaction between the staff. Being a highly customizable tool, this software helps the institutions in managing the staff as well as the students.
  1. Easy integration with over 10+ payment gateways: Being able to integrate with over 10 different types of payment gateways, Edunext helps the educational institutes with the easy collection of payments. Also, apart from handling the fees and overdue from the students, Edunext also helps in the easy clearance of miscellaneous receipts over different payment gateways. Besides integrating the platform with payment gateways, users can also integrate Edunext with Tally ERP 9.
  1. Handling the school website effectively: Edunext helps the modern-day schools in maintaining their websites effectively. By creating a dynamic website, the application comes packed with proprietary CMS, which enables easy updates of all the latest happenings around the school. The wide range of website-based services includes the creation and maintenance of pages, circulars, notices, image gallery, downloads, etc. Lastly, apart from managing the official website of the school, Edunext also looks after online promotion and webpage optimization, enabling the free promotion of the school.
  1. Effective school application: Edunext not only helps users with their administrative needs, but it also gets a personalized mobile application that is quite useful for the students. This application comes with a login for Student, Parent, Teacher and the Management, allowing them to get an insightful analysis of the latest happenings around the institution.
  1. Employee attendance management: Edunext helps the educational institution with successful attendance management inside the organization. Moreover, this application also keeps a track of the employee leaves and sends the essential attendance charts to the responsible administration of the school. Lastly, assisted with a biometric device, Edunext ensures there is no manipulation over the attendance management.
  1. Efficient Inventory management: Edunext enables educational organizations with inventory management of various products. This platform can be widely used for keeping a track of the books, school dresses, diaries etc. available with the school. Also, by offering such services with efficient automation, Edunext provides cost-effective means of inventory management.
  2. Payroll Management: Edunext can be used by the educational institutions for the effective payroll management of the employees. By keeping a track of the total number of employees working inside the organization, along with their attendance, this platform provides a cost-effective measure, eliminating the need to hire accountants.
  1. Student Information: This application keeps a detailed record of the student to enable the parents to keep an eye on their child. Apart from keeping a record of their academics, Edunext also updates the regular working inside the school, keeping the parents updated with the assignments and ongoing projects. Additionally, Edunext also keeps track of the studentsโ€™ achievements, to help them highlight their best talents and skills in the future.
  1. Transportation management: One of the most important aspects of Edunext is that it allows the management to keep track of their transportation fleet. This module of the application enables the school manager to track route vacancy-occupancy over its dashboard. Additionally, parents can use this facility to make requests online, regarding withdrawal and change of transport. Lastly, it also enables Android-based GPS tracking of vehicles.

Final Words

The effective running of an educational institution depends on the successful working of the staff as well. With Edunext, the administrative wing is entrusted with maximum mobility of operations, ranging from effective staff management to student and transport management. Lastly, Edunext is one of the highly futuristic school management software, which ensures mobility to the organization.

The efficient school management application provides institutions with various features like mobile apps for students, parents, teachers, and management. Being cloud-based, this online ERP ensures the smooth functioning of day-to-day school operations. Besides, its myMschool module focuses on bringing real-time parent-school interaction instantly, bridging all the necessary gaps for the right development of their child.

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