For gamers who love MOBA games, Dota 2 is essentially one of the favorites. The game offers a beautiful mix of action and strategy, with team play being crucial. Dota 2 has amassed a huge player base due to the highly enjoyable experience that it offers.

Although the game has only one map, it comes with various playing modes and scenarios. The fact that players can choose from more than 100 heroes adds to the diversity too. However, it also makes the game more challenging as you could decide to play in plenty of ways.

How to do better in Dota 2?

Like most multiplayer games that have a large player base, Dota 2 is highly competitive. Players are constantly getting smarter and coming up with various tactics. If you are experiencing a hard time securing a win, the following tips should help.

1. Be a team player

Teamplay is essentially the most important key to victory in Dota 2. The whole game is designed for team-based gameplay and not being a team player wouldn’t end well. In most cases, it wouldn’t be wise to go solo as you would likely end up dying. Always make sure to enter fights with a teammate and do not expect to be able to carry your team by yourself. You may use kill stealer hacks that would help you get more kills without compromising much on teamwork.

When it comes to teamwork, communication is crucial too. The best way to go about it is to use a voice chat for better coordination. Alternatively, you could also use the chat wheel. Only when your team communicates can everyone be on the same page, and you tackle challenges seamlessly.

2. Make the right choices

Due to the great deal of customization that this game offers, there are plenty of choices to make. With over a hundred heroes available, you would have to consider your options carefully. Do not just select a hero just because you like it. Instead, consider how relevant it would be in that specific game. Every hero has unique perks that could be useful in specific scenarios. If you are unsure, you can pick heroes like Juggernaut that are suitable for almost every game.

Similarly, you should also be thoughtful while picking your starting items. Make sure to choose the items you cannot buy from the side shop and skip the ones you can. For instance, you might want to purchase the Stout Shield instead of the Quelling Blade. It would also be wise to stock up on plenty of HP regen.

3. Observe your enemies

In Dota 2, you would want to constantly observe your enemies get an idea of the best way to counter them. This is something that many players ignore, essentially depriving themselves of valuable information. You could also use the cheats available at for an upper hand. The hack would help you with information on the cooldown of your enemies’ abilities, allowing you to plan your attacks based on what abilities the enemy can use.

By clicking on the enemy, you would know what level they are and what items they carry. For instance, if an enemy hero possesses one of its most compatible items, you might want to be wary and purchase something to counter it.

4. Build your skills in different roles

A specific role might be your favorite, but that doesn’t mean that you should not try the rest. In fact, it would be smart to gain some experience in playing different roles. It would not only help you adapt to different situations, but also helps you understand your enemies’ tactics better. For instance, carry players would benefit from playing offlane from time to time. By learning how an offlaner manipulates the lane, you can counter them better.

Similarly, you should consider diversifying your playing skills with multiple heroes. You cannot always count on being able to play with the same hero. However, do make sure to stick to four or five heroes consistently and not spread out too much.

5. Never give up

A common mistake that players make in Dota 2 is giving up all home and going AFK or playing casually once they seem to be losing. However, there is a reason why Dota 2 does not give an option to forfeit the match. There are various ways to make comebacks and turn the tide of a match. Even if all seems lost, keep putting up your best effort.


Be careful to not tilt when you are losing and focus on the goal instead. Negativity and toxicity would only decrease your chances of winning the game.

You can always team up with players who are better than you and learn from them. As you play the game more, your skills would develop significantly too.

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