Our beloved canine companion is both a joy to have around but also a chore. As most dog owners can relate, dogs tend to be messy, even unintentionally. Dogs shedding is a seasonal occurrence, while muddy paws, spilled food and dug-up ground can be a daily sight. At least this does not discourage you from having a dog and enjoying its company – all of these things are easy to solve with a few simple habits and tricks.

Choose an Appropriate Breed

If you still have to choose a dog to buy or, better yet, adopt, consider this problematic too. Depending on where you live geographically, or in what kind of housing and environment, you will already be able to narrow down your search for what breed is best for you. So, for example, if you live in a flat and donโ€™t work from home – a very small dog would be best as it would require the least amount of work around it.

Some breeds are known for their cleanliness, such as the Hairless terrier, Dalmatians, Chihuahuas, etc. This is especially so because of their short, or almost completely lacking, fur and their instinctive habit to not soil their fur in mud or similar. Like all pets, they will still need to be washed from time to time, but either way, they significantly reduce the hassle with cleaning behind them.

Cleaning Appliances

So, you have a dog who stays indoors. To keep the same indoors clean you will probably need more tools than the usual cleaning set offers. A strong vacuum is recommended, preferably one that is easy to empty and carry around the house. Sites like How To Home give a nice insight into how those appliances can be maintained and repaired if needed. Furthermore, if your dog is old and cannot help but empty its bowels somewhere inside – a wet/dry vacuum is also a thing to consider getting.

A series of brushes is also needed, some that are in the form of plastic combs to be used on the dog, while others are needed to brush furniture and clothing from their fur. Every dog with at least a bit of longer hair should be brushed regularly, at least once per week or more often if they are shedding profusely.

Teaching the Dog Some Manners

While it would be nice to have a manโ€™s best friend clean up after himself once in a while, the best we can get from them is to not behave like wild animals but instead to know their place and how to behave if they are very dirty. This takes some time to learn and is best to start while they are young, though it can be learned by mature dogs as well.

Knowing the basic commands like โ€œSitโ€ and โ€œPlaceโ€ help keep them off people, not to jump and mark someone with their dirty paws. Those same commands help if you do not want them to enter the house or room for whatever reason, if you are currently cleaning it or if they have just passed through some mud for example. Getting them used to bathe should also be a part of the training process, as many dogs reject baths at first and donโ€™t like their natural scent taken away from them. But lukewarm water, treats, and a proper shampoo can do wonders even with stubborn dogs.

Flooring and Furniture

Last, but not least, comes the question of the surfaces that will become dirty and will need to be cleaned. Carpets and fuzzy covered furniture are the worst to clean from fur, so should be avoided if possible. One solution is to have those rooms where the dog resides furnished with less of those things, or in simpler terms – to keep it plain. Not only will this be easier to clean but you will also have less to worry about damage caused by scratching or chewing.

Smooth floors are the best choice you can opt for, cleaning-wise. But not all floors are equal. If you keep your dog in a garage most of the time, where there is a concrete floor it will be OK to brush but not very easy to mop, if at all. Cheap solutions such as linoleum or garage epoxy coatings are fine and much easier to take care of.

Everyone should maintain a high level of cleanliness where they live and work, and having a dog shouldnโ€™t be an excuse not to do it. Dogs can be extremely clean animals if given the chance, but it is up to us to make that possibility a reality.

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