If there’s one thing that nerds love to do, it’s show off their in-depth and supreme knowledge about things. This normally comes in the form of fictional topics, but it can also be about periods of history. There is no better feeling than being able to display a superior understanding of something and being able to correct another nerd who mistakenly uttered an inaccurate statement. But can this geek knowledge be used in other ways? Some would argue that appreciating lore can improve enjoyment when playing games.

Certain Games Require No Prior Knowledge

When thinking about games that may require players to have an understanding of the lore of the title, it is also worth noting that certain titles can work in the opposite way. There are offerings out there that can actually give players some lessons in their chosen subject matter. Games like Zeus and Cleopatra, which are among the top free online casino games on Vegas Slots Online, can stoke a passion in players to discover more about ancient Greek and Egyptian history. To be able to play them, players simply have to spin the reels. But after seeing the stunning imagery, they may be intrigued to learn more about ancient cultures.

In other areas of gaming, there are plenty of titles that players can play with no prior knowledge. These are often games that are completely original. For example, a game like Grand Theft Auto V revolves around its own self-contained story that doesn’t rely on any other output from elsewhere. Some GTA games have taken inspiration from other media, with Vice City famously borrowing themes from the Brian De Palma classics Scarface and Carlito’s Way. But players didn’t need to have seen these films to have been able to enjoy the game.

Nerds May Prefer to Fully Understand the Games They Play

There are certain titles out there that have in-depth lore surrounding them, and many players would agree that having this knowledge enhances the games. One of the most notable examples of this is Gwent: The Witcher Card Game, which features characters from the novels of the same name by Andrzej Sapkowski, as well as the game series from CD Projekt Red.

Each of the cards has its own special ability, and this is usually related to the backstory of the character depicted on the card. For example, the Philippa Eilhart card is called Philippa: Blind Fury, and it deals damage at random to other cards on the opposite side of the board. This is because she is a mage who was blinded by King Radovid in The Witcher 2: Assassin of Kings. Since then, she has had to fire her spells without being able to aim them accurately.

Having an understanding of the lore seems to be important for fantasy card games, as it is needed to gain maximum enjoyment from Hearthstone as well. The game is set in the universe of the popular MMORPG, World of Warcraft, and features characters, spells, and locations from its parent game. Fans of the original offering may enjoy Hearthstone because they have a deep understanding and connection with that universe.

Can Make for Better Conversation

Games that have a lot of history make for great conversation, and talking about them can help players feel even more immersed in these worlds. Knowing the lore behind certain games can also be useful for players who stream the games on Twitch.

Viewers tune in to watch people play games on Twitch because they want to see an expert in action and learn from them. If this person also has an unrivaled catalog of knowledge about the game they are playing, it makes them look like even more of an authority. Spectators can not only get some insight into the playing of the games, but they can also find out things they may not have been aware of before.

For games that are spinoffs of other titles, or are based on fiction, knowing the lore can increase players’ enjoyment. It can even help players make decisions in the game and can stimulate conversation between participants. However, for certain genres and themes, having prior knowledge isn’t essential.

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