Rightly said by someone, “a life that has love in it can never be dull.”

Even nerds do fall in love to maintain the spark in their life. They develop a crush, they feel the love, and even have a successful marriage. Over the years, intellectual and nerdy girls have been on the top of the list when it comes to love. Their smartness and different approach to see the world is making many guys fall in love with them.

But it has been assumed that nerdy girls only like guys who have the same level of intelligence and are more competent. Usually, it seems like a challenge to impress a geek girl. To be very frank, when we think of a nerdy girl, we imagine big glasses, unsocial problems with fashion, and extra time given to unusual hobbies, isn’t it? Actually, most of them are cliches; we ourselves have given them an identity that is not entirely true.

Nerds are far more than what people from different eras are presuming. Now they know what fashion is, and unless you have an intense discussion with them, you won’t be able to find out that she is a geek. Well, that is even hotter, isn’t it?

So now that you have already fallen for a nerd, let’s see how you can win her heart:

Don’t pretend that you are a nerd

Displaying feigning intelligence in front of your geek crush will be the first wrong step that you would ever take. This is the foremost thing that a nerd will hate for sure. Be what you are, show your side of life and experience. But never pretend to be someone that you are not; this will only end up in embarrassment. When you love someone and try to make, they know that, make sure you are yourself.

Show your own quirky side

Nerds feel very amicable towards those who understand their idiosyncrasies. They will get attracted to people who are ready to show their quirky side. Because they know how it makes them feel when someone is unable to understand them. So show her what you are and what is your weird side, and we bet you will win her heart

Give them something different

Geek girls have changed with time, but they still like things that are different. Think about something that you would never give a non-geek girl. Something like WTF Notebooks or a desktop timekeeper, not the regular one but the traditional golden style will be perfect to gift. We are sure that she will get attracted to you after seeing your gift choices. Usually, geek girls maintain a journal, so make sure when you get a notebook for her to customize it. Write something very creative on the top of the cover so that she always remembers you no matter how long the relationship works.

Take advice or ask for information

They are the fountain of details and advice. If there is anything that will make them happy, that will enlighten the people surrounding them. So if you like a nerd, ask them anything and make sure that you show the curiosity of knowing and learning a new thing. Be it information on robotics, medical or new gadgets in the market, they feel attached to someone who is eager to discuss and know about new things.

Learn their language

Show your intellectual side. Have you started wondering what your grade was during school? Don’t get so worried; it’s not that every intelligent person has got A’s during school and is currently pursuing a Ph.D. There are plenty of ways to show intellect. Show what your interests are- for example: if you have learned guitar, tell her that, or you are running an NGO, share that information with her. Or even if you have designed something on your new pen tablet, show her that. She will love that as you haven’t pretended anything but shared how you preserve intelligence in your own way.

Compliment them on their intelligence

Doesn’t matter if you admire their beauty, notice their outfit or give flowers when you meet. What matters is that you understand their intelligence and appreciate it. Yes! You read it right; nerd girls are attracted to a person who understands their intelligence and complements its usefulness.

Show genuine interest in their nerdy interests

It’s undeniable that nerdy girls befriend same-minded people because their interests get matched. But it is not the same in every case, you must have seen a couple where the girl is a geek, but the boy is a rockstar. Still, they are happily living together and enjoying the different approaches and opinions. Now that’s what we are talking about, show genuine interest towards their nerdy interest, and they will understand yours.

Plan a nerdy date

We have already shared how you can make a nerd like you by showing interest in them. One ideal way to put this into action is by taking them on a nerdy date. Now, what does a nerdy date mean? Well, it’s taking the girl to a place or to an event that suits her interests. For example, you can plan a date night that is equipped with a telescope, a board game, and a space-themed book. Yes! That’s what we are talking about; imagine you and your geek girl watching stars through a telescope, and when you notice something uncommon, that excitement enhances the spark between you. A perfect date that turned out to be not what you imagined but more fascinating.

Wrapping up

Impressing a nerdy girl may be a little challenging, but it will be interesting as well. And the best part is you will be able to know so many new things during the process of impressing her. From the latest technology, new book launches to what is going on in space. It will be an exciting journey and experience to date a nerdy girl. Make sure you use the points mentioned above to win her heart.

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