You’re looking into custom bathroom cabinets when you get a call from someone you recently started dating. You really have enjoyed talking with them lately, but you’ve found that the two of you are quite opposite. It begs the question: do opposites really attract?

Initial Excitement 

Meeting somebody new is always an exciting experience. You get to explore and uncover somebody else’s world, dreams, past, and vision. If you’re a people-person who is always curious about how people behave, you’ll be instantly attracted to someone who views the world differently than you.

Certain personality types are drawn to the mystery of someone who is vastly different from them. This is why opposites do, in fact, attract one another. It’s somewhat like reading a book you haven’t read before that’s outside of your normal genre. You’re kept on the edge of your seat, unable to predict the outcome.

Excitement Turns to Frustration

After the initial excitement fades, you might find yourself getting more frustrated with your opposite partner. The qualities you once found interesting and mysterious become more predictable and understood. This can make you start to resent the differences between you and your partner.

Excitement doesn’t always turn to frustration, however. If the differences are something that you appreciate in your partner, you’ll learn to love them for who they are. You’ll still continue to enjoy and value their different way of seeing the world and approaching life.

Is There a Lack of Understanding?

One of the most important things needed between two different partners is a mutual understanding. While you may not see or think the same way that they do, it’s important that you understand their perspective as much as you can. This means you will be empathetic and respectful of their differences.

If you find that you or your partner doesn’t seem to understand – or worse yet, try to understand you, this could become problematic for the health and longevity of the relationship. In order for this relationship to work, you both need to value the other person’s perspective even if it’s not the same as your own.

Can Opposites Last Long-Term?

Two different people can last long-term if they have a few, mutual qualities about them. Both partners need to be open-minded and self-aware. If you start to shut down your partner’s perspectives and views, this could lead to a breakup. You don’t want you or your partner constantly disagreeing or not understanding you on a deeper level.

If both partners have respect and love for one another, they can certainly last long-term. It requires a conscious choice to choose your partner each day. You must both accept one another fully, so you’re both free to be authentically yourselves. If this is the case, this could be a relationship that lasts forever.

The Bottom Line

Do opposites really attract? Yes. Does this mean they’re compatible? Sometimes. As long as you continue to respect and value your partner’s differences, there’s no reason to worry about a breakup. However, if you find that you or your partner start to view the differences as incompatibility, this is where the relationship could fall apart.

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