Although most of the time that you are on vacation, you will probably be racing around seeing the sites and absorbing the atmosphere, there will be times when the fun slows down, and other forms of entertainment will need to be found.

Unlike when you are at home, you will not be able to pop down your local bar with your mates or even pop around a friendโ€™s home for a coffee. There will need to be other sources available to you. Putting a small pack of playing cards in with your hand luggage will not take up too much room or indeed weigh a great deal, and everyone travels with their cell phone. So here are a few ideas that you can take with you so that you can enjoy your vacation 100% of the time you are on vacation.

Play games with your vacation buddies

Depending on who it is that you have gone on vacation with will undoubtedly decide what kinds of games you can play. However, taking a pack of cards with you can be a simple and yet enjoyable way of passing the time, especially if you have a way of keeping score.

If you are away with your partner and your children, you will find that the time spent together learning and playing new cards is something that your children will very quickly appreciate, especially when it comes to having that much attention from mummy and daddy.

However, if it is just you and your partner or you and your friends, then the games can be a lot different.

Watch your favorite TV shows

You may find that while you are away, you will miss your favorite show on TV. This is a scenario that is so very common. Of course, you can wait until you get home to see what is happening to your favorite characters and avoid social media and indeed possibly the internet, text, and emails while you are away so that you do not see any spoilers, but where is the fun in that.

The best option you have is to get yourself a VPN so that you can watch a service you are paying for when everyone else that you know watches it. This way, you do not miss out, and nobody can ruin any plot twists by dropping hints or just dropping the undesirable bombshell. Obtaining a VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a relatively easy thing to do. Click here to learn more.

Make your own vacation video diary

This can not only be very enjoyable to do, plan and watch later on but will give your vacation an extra dimension, especially when it comes to making and saving memories. Taking photos is all very well, and they can act as a memory prompt. However, video will catch every happy moment.

This can be even more important if you are having a vacation of a lifetime or your perfect dream vacation, which has taken a long time to save up for and is unlikely to ever be done again.

Obviously, it is up to you how much you want to put in your videos, and you can always edit bits that you do not wish others to see or keep private just for yourself and your partner to enjoy.

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