Every car owner has the same concern, “how to keep their car looking new forever?” Car paint tends to get faded, scratched, or worn out over time. Therefore, many people opt for different types of protective coatings that keep the factory paint intact.

According to a 2016 report, more than 50% of residents of Central Coast, Australia, own more than two cars. These numbers are even more than the best city in Australia, i.e., Greater Sydney. As there are so many car owners in the city, the demand for paint protection Central Coast, Australia is increasing day by day.

There are different coatings for preventing car paint from scratching and wearing out. You may find some of the popular ones below.

Ceramic Coatings

A ceramic coating is a crystal-clear layering applied to the exterior of your vehicle to provide a new and glossy surface. It is the most popular paint protection coating, made of silicon dioxide, a polymer derived from natural materials. The polymer forms an indestructible bond with the car’s paint that any chemicals cannot break down.

The UV index of Central Coast, Australia, generally ranges from 5 to 8. As you know, the UV index of more than 5 poses extreme sun damage to humans and the things outside, for example, your car’s paint. If you live in the Central Coast or any other part of Australia and want to protect your car from harmful UV rays, you should consider Ceramic Coating. It is also UV resistant and prevents the paint from fading and oxidation.

Another advantage of ceramic coating is protecting the car’s paint from scratches, dirt, water, and other contaminants. It is incredibly hydrophobic in nature, which doesn’t allow water to sit on it, making it easy to clean, and your car will not require frequent cleaning. It gives your car a high gloss finish making it shine like new for a long time.

Paint Protection films

Paint Protection Film also called PPF or Plastic Film, is a thick film made of thermoplastic urethane applied over your car’s paint. It defends your car against rock chips and other impacts.

It is generally applied to high-impact areas such as a hood, mirror, bumper, etc. After a few years, this coating might develop swirls that can be treated with hot water or a heat gun. However, it is not long-lasting enough and starts to wear out after 2 to 3 years. This is why it is not suitable to be used for your whole vehicle.


Ceramic coating and PPF are the most common means of car paint protection in Central Coast, Australia. Consult with car paint professional if you are unsure which type to choose. They will assist you in selecting the best option according to the environmental conditions of your place and maintenance requirements.

Ceramic coating technology is relatively recent and offers more benefits than other materials. So keeping the high temperature and direct sun rays of the Central Coast in mind, you can consider getting a ceramic coating on your car to make it shine like new forever.

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