Gone are the days that you have to use cash to buy stuff. With the advent of the internet, sellers found a new place from where they can search for new customers.

All industries went even further by letting their customers pay online with their credit cards. This further accelerated the acceptance of buying stuff from the internet.

But that’s not where the progress ends. Today, you can make purchases using cryptocurrency.

So if you’re looking to buy a VoIP number, that will always be an option. Here, you can learn a little more about cryptocurrencies, the pros and cons of using them to buy things, and how you can buy a VoIP number with it.

What is cryptocurrency?

Do you know how a virtual number is the internet version of a number from a SIM card? The same analogy holds true between cash and cryptocurrency.

It’s a digital currency that exists on the internet and is secured by cryptography.

What are the advantages of using it to buy a virtual number?

It lends you a certain level of anonymity

For some people, the whole point of getting a virtual number is to maintain their anonymity. But that wouldn’t be possible if you’re going to be paying with your credit card anyway.

Should someone be very keen on finding you, there will always be a way to trace the number back to you. But that’s not possible with using cryptocurrency.

Using it to complete your purchases, you’re distancing yourself further from the transaction. It’s not completely anonymous because it’s still linked to your blockchain address. You can have many of these, so don’t worry!

Plus, your IP address isn’t necessary to complete the transaction.

It’s more mobile

Coincidentally one of the reasons people get a VoIP number, it’s also one of the reasons to use crypto online. It’s very normal for banks to flag transactions for various reasons like what you purchased and where you made the purchase.

This isn’t a problem with crypto. For as long as you have an internet connection, you can complete the purchase. To keep yourself safe, make sure you’re using a secured network when buying the number.

It’s becoming more popular

If you’re the type to try out new things and new techs, you’ll love using crypto. More and more sellers are accepting this as a form of payment, enabling its wider usage on the internet.

Its increasing popularity also tells you that it’s safe to use it. With this, more people will be convinced of how valuable it could be.

It cuts out the middleman

Your bank will usually have a series of fees that you’ll have to pay. Cryptocurrencies rid themselves of that hassle.

You pay directly to the provider without any intermediary that will charge you for using their service.

What else should you consider before deciding to buy with crypto?

Its value is highly volatile

What’s worth $10 now in crypto could be worth $100 tomorrow. So if you’re looking to grow your money by trading cryptocurrencies, it might not be the best option because you’ll essentially be paying so much more for the same thing.

However, there’s also a chance that its value dips. So it’s important to study the crypto market before deciding which you’ll use to buy.

Crypto wallets are prone to thefts and scams

For you, this means losing your investment – the real dollars you spent to get crypto. At first glance, it seems like another reason to push through with the purchase.

But in fact, it’s an argument not to have cryptos altogether.

Whether you decide to use regular cash or crypto, it’s always important to exercise due diligence when transacting online.

How to purchase a virtual number with crypto

The process is as easy as if you were paying with a credit card. But some companies like Telnum make it even more convenient for you by letting you complete the buy virtual number with various cryptocurrencies: BTC, LTC, BCH, BLK, DASH, DCR, DGB, DOGE, ETC, ETH, GAME, POT, VTC, XMR, and XRP.

If the crypto you have in mind is on that list, here’s how you can buy a VoIP number:

  1. Create an account. This is necessary for as long as you’re buying a number.
  2. Select the specifications for your number. The page will guide you which show you everything you’d need to see. No guesswork is involved.
  3. Review the details. Once the purchase is final, you can no longer make any changes. So make sure everything’s right before you proceed.
  4. Buy the number. Select crypto as your type of payment.

That wasn’t so hard, was it? Consider buying with crypto to be as easy as convenient as your usual cash.

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