Painting can be fun, anything from a canvas to a wall to the furniture and even the smallest ceramic pots. But when it comes to the bigger requirements, such as painting a house, it may take more than just a paintbrush, newspaper, and a table. Something as obvious and large as painting a property needs to be done once and professionally.

To avoid any mishaps or repeat visits because it was not done the first time, we have put together a few tips for you when looking for the right company to help you out and this article will highlight the main things you should look for when hiring any painting services or company.

So, if you’re ready to get your house painted and not sure where to start, keep reading.

Looking Online or Ask Someone. This is typically everyone’s go, to when they are looking for anything from goods to services. If you have asked around to your neighbors, friends, or family for any recommendations on a good painting company and they do have any or have not had a good experience with one yet, then your go-to should be the internet.

First things first, start by searching for local painters or painting companies, and once you get a few results, write them down. It is perfectly fine to go through a few different options as opposed to picking the first one you see.

The best thing to do is to click on their website. A website can tell a thousand words in just one second. When you look at any companies’ website the first thing you should notice is if it’s a professional-looking site, click here for some tips on that. This tells a lot about the company as well, firstly that they take pride in their work and secondly that they don’t skim on putting up a cheap-looking site and instead do a proper job of either hiring a good web company or having it done by a professional.

It’s like the clothes you wear, if you dress shabby, people may not like what they see, but if you dress smart or at least don’t wear clothes with creases then the impression changes for the better. That’s just how the world works. In any case, a professional-looking website says a lot about the owner of the company. If they take pride in something as this, they will most likely do the same with their projects.

What Services They Provide. Ask yourself a few fundamental questions, and jot them down for when you give them a call. Do they provide on-site and remote estimates? What do their ratings look like? Do they have any client’s reviews on their website? If you call them will they provide references?  Are they both residential and commercial painters? the chances of hiring a company that does both is better because, for the most part, it means they have more experience, are professionals in their field and a higher chance of good quality materials being used as well

Do they have a motto or a company policy of any kind? Do they live by a code of conduct, for instance? Most companies in this sector will have a gallery of before and after images, look through them and see how well they’ve done.  Lastly, do they offer a clean up after they’re done? And can they stick to a budget?

House painting before and after

Compare A Few Quotes. Once you’ve jotted down the simple questions above and any other ones you may have, choose at least three different ones out of the results you saw earlier. It could be based on their google rating or just their website, whatever your preference. 

Some companies have their prices on their site while others would need a call. Get all three quotes and compare what you’re getting. The one that will be within budget and get your money’s worth, will most probably be the one you go for. It is also a good idea to check if they have a guarantee and how long is the warranty for. This will most likely be decided after an initial inspection of the place. 

The Areas They Cover. Another good thing to note is to make sure they are local. You may find a good one from out of town for example some of them cover several areas such as Next Door Painting Dallas or Houston, and San Antonio, which is a good thing and it means their business is doing good and they’re expanding.

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