eSports betting is a growing industry, and there is no sign of it being on a downward slope. Instead of only watching professional matches, eSports fans have an avenue to join in the action through it. They can bet on the games they want and on their favorite team or player.

However, it’s not the same with people whose only purpose is to bet regardless of the game. These individuals’ only problem is how to choose the correct one to gamble their money and profit from it. This article will discuss the difference between CS:GO betting and League of Legends betting.

CS:GO Betting Markets Are Very Fluid

CS:GO is one of the most celebrated eSports games worldwide, and even non-gamers know this game. As it is famous, CS:GO markets are very fluid when compared to League of Legends betting markets year round. The term fluid, or in other words liquidity, is a challenging word in the betting community.

In its simplest definition, the term is described as the highest amount of money bettors can gamble on any market. Being fluid means for whatever bet you place, somebody will accept it or bet against it. However, the liquidity of a market is not constant as it changes continuously, generally getting more liquid the hours prior to the event’s start time. The higher the liquidity is, the easier and more chances bettors can place their bets to get matched.

Some sports and esports betting markets are not liquid, so punters end up placing bets that never get matched. In turn, bettors become frustrated and eventually discontinue betting.

LoL Events Offer Huge Prize Pools

The two games are in a very different spectrum of eSports tournaments and events. CS:GO is a First-Person Shooter (FPS), while the League of Legends is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA). Another key difference is the prize pool between the two.

There are big competitive scenes all over the world, both locally and on the international stage. For three years, the League of Legends World Championship, or most commonly known as Worlds, has had massive prize pools.

It started in 2016 where the prize pool was a whopping $5,070,000.00. The following year it was $4,946,969.00, while in the 2018 Worlds, it reached $6,450,000.00.

Counter-Strike Has Been Around For Two Decades

People focus more and have complete trust betting on CS:GO since its franchise has been popular for two decades. The game’s lineage is also a crucial factor behind its success as the world’s biggest fps eSport game. It is not a fad, and it has been strengthened over time.

Some of the biggest names in the gaming world have somewhat tried or entirely played the game. Nonetheless, even without its rich history, people will still gravitate towards it.

CS:GO Is Like Other Sports

Both games have two teams, Team A and Team B, which compete and outwit each other to win. However, what sets them apart is the relatability level. CS:GO, by far, is more relatable than LoL with its characters and weapons. It is given that there are some humans in the champion roster of LoL, but they have otherworldly abilities. Unlike CS:GO, which comprises all-human characters.

Moreover, the game is a lot like football. Each player has a set of specific skills for the team to win. There’s a sniper, a backup, and another one that has quick reflex speed.

LoL Is Unrealistic

Although this part is neither against nor in favor of LoL (League of Legends), the game is very unrealistic. Most of us embody the phrase “to each their own,” meaning that we can pick anything to our liking. However, CS:GO is closer to reality than the League of Legends, so it is popular in the betting community. League of Legends betting has grown over the last few years thanks to people understanding the game more and more.

Most punters have seen CS:GO’s gameplay on different platforms like in action movies and plays. It’s more fun and easier to bet on something close to reality. KIt is easier to understand, too. Moreover, the game lets you see the excitement and feel their hearts in their throats without any lives at stake. Although punters can still feel the tension as their money is at stake.

To be fair, all eSports games made have a bit of fantasy in them. Still, it may be a little harder for people to bet on such an unrealistic game.

CS:GO Is Simpler To Understand For Non-Players

CS:GO is a relatively easy game. It’s like walking around a building, except people are trying to shoot you. There is nothing in the gameplay, and the weapons are also realistic. The phrase “kill or be killed” highly applies to this game. Even a ten-year-old can play this game as it is highly digestible.

It’s unlike League of Legends, which needs the bettor to play it first to understand it. It’s not as automatic as CS:GO, which can be understood by those who don’t know the game. CS: GO is also very approachable compared to LoL or any other MOBAs.

With CS:GO, betting, playing, and watching is fun and thrilling due to the uncomplicated setup, goals, and rules. The game has proven simplicity, with a dash of excitement, still trumps everything.

We have put up some interesting points for both CS:GO and LoL betting. Whether you’ve chosen one over the other or still contemplating, don’t forget to take caution in every bet you place.

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