Cowboy hats are a beloved accessory of the American people. Any western ensemble is incomplete without the cowboy hats to complete the look. However, you should keep in mind that there is more to this stylish accessory than just buying one and putting it on your head. There are some rules for womens cowboy hats, from wearing etiquettes to washing care. Cowboy hats can be expensive and highly personal. It is something you do not pass around. So, here is a list of some baseline points of etiquette regarding cowboy hat care and maintenance without further ado.

Cowboy hat etiquettes while wearing

Keep in mind the following while wearing your hat during outdoor activities. 

  1. Take your hat off when you enter a building, especially if you are there for official work.
  2. Even with informal occasions, you need to consider the feel and mood of the event before keeping your hat on.
  3. Take your hat off during lunch, dinner, or mealtime; however, you can always keep the hat on your head if you are at a counter.

Hat handling care

Now that we know the general etiquette of cowboy hats, we need to talk about hat handling. It is vital to understand that there are different schools of thought regarding cowboy hat handling. There are specifics about how you put your hat on, how you take it off, where and how you should place it when you take it off โ€“ the debate is endless and rages on till today.

Whichever school of thought you are looking to follow, keep in mind that handling the hat with any area that might flex or bend is a strict no. So, depending on your hat’s make and model, you might need to check the brim and the crown to see which area is the sturdier. Once you make your choice, ensure that you stick with it permanently. Remember that any flex or bend will lead to a loss of shape forever.

Hat travel care

You need to exercise extra caution when you are traveling with your cowboy hat(s). Keep in mind that improper travel care will lead to damage to the hat. So, buy specific travel hat boxes to safeguard your hats while you travel. Never make the mistake of carrying expensive cowboy hats in cheap plastic shopping bags.

Hat removal etiquette

There are quite a few occasions where you have to remove your hat. During national anthems, pledges, any ceremony involving the national flag and church, including marriages and funerals. It would be best if you also made it a point to remove your hat when talking to “men of the cloth,” including clergy, pastors, and even lawmen.

Here are some more for you to consider.

  • Always hold your hat by the crown while adjusting it.
  • When you remove the hat, make sure you place it on its crown with the brim pointing up. Use a rack or hat stand for the best results. 
  • Be careful about the inside of the hat โ€“ the band and the crown isn’t for public viewing.

Hat style considerations

Keep in mind cowboy hat variations are available depending on the season. So, always make a practical choice. You cannot wear a felt cowboy hat during the peak summer months. It will leave you feeling all hot, bothered and will spoil your mood.

Hat size

If you go for a hat that is the wrong size for you, then you will look downright funny. Too big a hat will blow right off your head, and too small will make you look squeezed into the piece. Whenever you choose a hat, always make sure to use the hat size chart to find the right style and size for your head.

Learning to hold the hat the right way

Here is something you need to keep in mind while holding your cowboy hat. You need to make sure that you grasp it with the crown-making sure that the lining doesn’t show. Always exercise caution; place your hat upside down on a flat surface, or put it in the hatbox. An old cowboy superstition says your luck might run out if you set your hat with the brim side down. Even if you aren’t superstitious, remember that placing your hat upside down will only maintain your favorite accessory’s shape and structure.

Last words

A cowboy hat is a very personal property. So, never touch another cowboy’s hat without permission from the owner. It is truly a wonderful accessory to complete your look if you can carry it off. However, there are hat-wearing etiquettes, and you must follow them at all times to be a proper western cowboy. Go out in style โ€“ all the best!

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