A lot of parents enjoy participating in shooting sports and other recreational activities and wish that their kids would partake in them as well. However, playing shooting sports with kids is not that easy. A lot needs to be considered here.  After all, if the sports go in a wrong manner, the child can get hurt. That’s why a lot of parents prefer to give their children a safer option like paintballs or gel blasting.

Keeping all of these issues in mind, we’ve written a post on what shooting sports are, their benefits, and what can be derived from them.

Safety & Shooting Sports

The first thing that crosses a parent’s mind about shooting sports is safety. If you have very little understanding of firearms, chances are you believe they are dangerous. However, reviews and statistics suggest that shooting sports are considered to be the safest among all sports. After all, a lot of emphasis is given to the safety factor and a lot of kids also undergo training before they are allowed to shoot. So, you can consider enrolling your kid in a good shooting program if you want him to have that basic self-awareness and respect for firearms as well. 

Different Youth Shooting Programs

4 H Shooting Sports promotes the usage of a very safe and ethical firearm which fosters a healthy environment for teens, grandparents, parents, and youth as well.

Boy Scouts also gives you an amazing long-standing policy so that your kids are safe, responsible and take good care of their fun, firearms, etc.

Scholastic Clay Target Program is for kids until grade 12. It gives them the chance to showcase their shooting skills and also state their scholarships and recognition. The program also focuses on instilling commitment, teamwork, leadership, and responsibility.

Gel Blasters

Gel blasters are basically toy firearms that children play out. They are used to shoot out small polymer water beads. Gel blasters are well designed to look like firearms without carrying the weight of real ones. These gel balls are also fired with the help of an air pump within the gel blaster.

What do gel balls involve?

Gel balls are quite similar compared to paintball. In other words, they are more like a team shooting sport that children can play with one another. The goal of the game is to eliminate all players from different teams by simply hitting at them with these gel balls. Gel balls are also played across the world, at all levels, amongst those who haven’t played the game and would simply like to give it a shot to professional ballers who are obsessed with this sport. Gel balls are perfect sports for mates who want to try team building or work culture exercises or simply try something exciting and new.

Are they safe?

A lot of people have raised questions about the safety of this shooting sport. After all, no parent would want their child to be harmed in any manner and gel blasters look more like a shooting sport that could instill fear inside anyone. That’s why we are going to address the issue by talking about what gel blasters are made of and whether you can try them.

Glock gel blaster is usually dehydrated material that increases in size up to 8mm when they are put in water for 4 hours at least. So, when one shoots the balls from the blaster, they also have small pieces of jelly which disappear after a while. Gel balls are also safe for the environment and human health since they are biodegradable. A lot of people don’t feel guilty for getting such toys for their kids. But you have to make sure that the balls won’t get soaked before usage. It’s advisable for parents to watch the guidelines carefully provided in companies since a lot of companies have different specifications. Click here to learn more about what gel blaster balls are made from.

Gel blasters do have safe alternatives also like nerf funs. They are not like paintballs, do not create any mess so you won’t have to worry about cleaning it up after the children are done playing.

Apart from that, gel blasts are also supposed to be held in environments that are controlled. It boosts physical fitness as kids get the chance to go out and play. It also improves mental health, builds teamwork development, and allows kids to interact with people. They also build friendships, offer real social experiences, which may not be the case since many people spend their time on their TVs and in front of their TV sets.

A lot of companies have safety awareness techniques as well as critical safety aspects for people who want to play with gel blasters. They also provide a list of rules to make sure people who are taking part in this also adhere to the rules. Some education is also given to children and parents on what the sport is so that there’s no misuse of the toys.

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