The growth of technology has made programming one of the most in-demand job skills on the market today. As companies turn to technology to cut costs through automation and AI, coding looks like one of the most futureproof skills someone can learn.

For kids, learning how to code is about more than just getting a head start on a very employable skill. Coding for kids can help them in school, develop their self-confidence, and change the way they see and understand the world. Modern life is centered around technology, but it all seems like a mystery how or why any of it works. Learning how to code pulls back the veil and shows you whatโ€™s happening on the other side of the screen.

Coding has become an essential skill for kids today, but school boards havenโ€™t necessarily caught up. While some are beginning to offer coding courses, theyโ€™re hampered by large class sizes and the fact that there are many other subjects they need to teach.

As a parent, signing up for coding classes for kids gives them a chance to explore the rich world of coding after school. Coding schools like Real Programming 4 Kids offer online coding courses for a range of skill levels. They have maximum class sizes of 4 students and teach some of the most popular coding languages used in the industry today, including Python, Java, JavaScript, C++ and C#.

Why Online Coding Classes Are So Important

Coding is at the heart of modern life. Every time you get an email, stream a TV show, talk to your boss on Zoom, even when you drive your car, thereโ€™s software involved that someone had to code.

Traditional technology companies arenโ€™t the only ones hiring programmers either. Researchers with job market analysis firm Burning Glass found that half of all job openings for programmers were in industries outside technology. The biggest non-tech employers looking for coding skills were in finance, manufacturing, and healthcare, but careers in art & design, data analysis, engineering, and science all also make use of coding.

Coding is a skill that opens up opportunities. Like math, writing, and communication skills, kids should be introduced to it early.

Kids Grow When They Learn to Code

Teenagers who are thinking about postsecondary education and careers can benefit from coding, but even younger kids in middle and elementary school can sign up for classes. They may not be immediately worried about job skills (though there are plenty of kids who will gladly tell you they want to make video games when they grow up), but there are other great benefits to learning how to code.

Coding helps kids develop their problem-solving skills and learn persistence. Part of programming is โ€œdebuggingโ€ your code, where you fix your mistakes, root out problems, and find a way to fix it. It will help them learn how to adapt and grow past their mistakes.

Give your kids an edge and sign them up for coding today.

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