Coasts of Sri Lanka make up the Paradise it is. The island destination is completely surrounded by water and aligned with the best-ever beaches you’d witness in your whole lifetime. Most travelers visit Sri Lanka for the stunning beaches and the colorful nightlife on the coasts, however, let’s predict you’re here for an adventure getaway, honeymoon or just to relax and enjoy at the same time, your choice of coasts and stays plays a great role. It could make or break your whole holiday experience.

Negombo beach hotel

We all love beaches and the last thing we’d expect is a mediocre holiday getaway. So here’s what we think you should know before choosing your coast choice in Sri Lanka.

The Urban Sunset

Being an urban dweller is fine, truly the Lankan beaches cater to every beach admirer. If you’re in the urban city of Colombo or the suburbs, you could always head to the beach at Galle Face green, Wellawatte, or the sandy Mt. Lavinia, snack on a crispy ‘Isso Wade’ or fly a kite maybe while watching the beautiful sunset at eve.

Urban Sun set

However, there are few sights which you probably would not experience in an urban beach. For an instance, Surfing, water sports, the thrilling nightlife or the serene peace of mind. Of course the beach is a regular beach, but jam packed with locals especially on a Sunday.

Sun down fests

Away from Colombo to the South, with many beach areas are owned by resorts and hotels, each stretch is uniquely wonderful at a glance. These beach stretches are less populated and well maintained. And by night the coasts come alive. Hikkaduwa, Mirissa and Unawatuna of the Southern of Sri Lanka are the ideal places to go wild by the beach. The area is ruled by party people, memorable moments and of course beaches. You could begin the night while watching the stunning sunset, sipping on a Piña Colada, getting ready for all the fun that follows.

Although the sunsets are wonderful to watch, the twilights lack the experience you’d receive at an urban beach, where one could simply be a part of the local gathering.

Pasikuda beach

Surfing & Scuba Diving

What’s a vacation without some daring adventure? Sri Lankan coasts are perfect for a timeout from reality, especially if you love water sports and natural tanning. Surfing in Sri Lanka is very famous, however not every beach is compatible – or rather – hosts the great waves. Arugambay of the East and Unawatuna to the Southern is famous for surfing, scuba diving, snorkeling, and other insane water sports. While some resorts around these areas have water sporting equipment in-house, some also conduct surfing classes for amateurs. Learning a new skill, wouldn’t that be perfect on a holiday?

Besides who doesn’t want a natural tan while having a wave-y moment? However If your skin is the type that burns under the sun, make sure to apply sunscreen before you head to the sea.

Dondra Beach

Eastern Sunrise

Yes. If you’re a morning person, we wouldn’t want you to miss this divinely view of the Sunrise. The East coast is where scenery lovers go to witness the famous mesmerizing Sri Lankan sunrise. Let’s say you’re on your honeymoon with your partner or took a break from your busy lifestyle of work, the East coast would be the ideal place for you to be. Most of the Eastern beaches are remote and untouched by investors, probably due to the closed knitted local communities around the area, making it the perfect tranquil getaway you’ve always dreamt of. Imagine a cold dawn by your hotel window with a warm cup of a Ceylon tea, watching the wonderful sunrise right before your eyes.

Unawatuna Beach

If you’re more of a night person, you’d probably miss the sunrise, hence why we would suggest you the south coast. But yet, everyone loves waves, serenity, and surfing so the East can still remain in your bucket list.

The Convenient Coast

Urban beaches are convenient, but crowded, polluted and lacks the serenity one would want on a holiday. If you need a coastal getaway but still want to be close to the heart city and urban lifestyle, Negambo would be the ideal place for your vacation. Close by to Katunayake Airport and just an hour’s drive from Colombo, Negambo beaches are perfect for evening strolls watching the sunset, witnessing live band performances at night and water sports such as kite surfing, snorkeling, sunbathing and many more.

Ahangama Beach

Coral Watching

Sri Lanka’s Great Barrier Reef is located in the South of Hikkaduwa. It isn’t vast and vivid as the Great Barrier Reef itself, but the scenic view is a must to see. Sri Lankan coral watching is well famous in the Southern province, where tourists are most seen snorkeling, diving and engaging in other sea expeditions as well. Glass bottom boat tours are trending around these areas and the experience is simply amazing.

Apart from the Southern, North East Coasts are the second best shores for coral watching, in fact you could dive into the shallow waters and witness the untouched beauty by yourself.

Whale Watching

If you happen to be around Kalpitya beach during your holiday in Sri Lanka, don’t forget to set off on a Whale watching adventure. Located in the North West of Puttalam district, this destination lures in pods of Whales and Dolphins within the period of November and March.

However, you still could go whale watching in the Southern province of Mirissa within the period of November and April, where the famous Blue Whale is spotted diving in the coasts freely.

Mirissa coastal area


So there you go! If you thought all beaches were the same, make sure you gather your holiday expectations and see which suits you best. In the end, If you could experience all coasts within a little time period, wouldn’t that be just perfect?

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