The online gambling community and industry are booming thanks in part to the fact that the pandemic is keeping people indoors. As gambling outside is either restricted or completely prohibited, some people go online to try their luck at some games. There are many games available online but the ones that are always a hit with others are the slot machines.

Before the pandemic, you can simply head up to the casino to find some slots that’ll be worth your time and money. Thanks to online casinos, you can still do this virtually.

Now, the process is made simpler as many platforms give you access to a wide selection of slots to choose from. Of course, you need to have a lot of luck and a great strategy to beat these slots.

While slot machines are mostly about your luck and timing when it comes to making a draw, it’s important that you have a clear strategy ahead as well. If you want to greatly improve your chances at winning, then you may want to try these clever strategies to keep the credits coming.

The Gambler’s Fallacy

The common mistake that all gamblers make is believing that just because they’ve been losing for several games in a row, you’re already due for a win. That’s a bad habit to pick up if you want to avoid losing all your money. Keep in mind that slots are a game of chance and statistics and it’s not about whether it’s your time to win or not.

The practice of learning when to quit is one of the best strategies you can add to your arsenal. What does this mean? Well, for starters, it means that you should probably stop if you are already on a 10-game losing streak. Maybe it’s just not your night. You should quit and go offline and just try your luck again the following day.

There are other downsides to having this mindset other than possibly losing all of your credits or tokens in one go. A common occurrence is that you might get too emotional and you’ll begin to play recklessly. This of course results in poorer gambling decisions on your end. You can always play slots another day so just stop while you’re ahead.

Look For The Best Deals

Another mindset you should do away with is thinking that all slot machines are the same. That’s not at all true as they vary on the number of reels, the number of symbols, and the prize as well. Slots with a larger number of reels and symbols often have the best prizes at the expense of them being riskier.

Before you pull on the stepper, you need to look for the best deals first. This collection of some of the best slots in Thailand offers a mix of better probability and great prizes. Data on the number of reels and symbols are readily available upon looking at the slot machines so you can easily check these out.

Gotta Try ‘Em All

It can be intimidating to have to look at an online casino’s page only to see that there are more than 20 slot machines that you can play. If you don’t want to waste your time looking for a machine that you are comfortable playing, you should try to go around the selection of slots and play them at least once.

This will help you get a better feel of all the slot machines available for use. It might seem like a total waste of money but keep in mind that you can still win when trying out a machine at least once. Once you’ve found the perfect slot machine that suits your needs, then you can go ahead and focus on that particular one.

The One Play Strategy

When you visit an online casino platform, one thing you’ll notice is that there are dozens of slots available. In most cases, the number of slots in these casinos outnumber the ones found in a regular casino. It might feel tempting to go and try each one out but most players swear that the one-play strategy works.

Simply put, the one-play strategy means that you will stick with a slot machine up until you win big. While slots are a game of luck and timing, sticking to one machine is actually helpful. It’s helpful because the more you play, the more you get a feel of the machine’s timing. Eventually, you’ll be able to pull at the right time.

Try Your Luck At Jackpot Slots

If you want to work your way up to winning a life-changing sum of money, then you should consider playing jackpot slots. These are considered the big catch when it comes to slot machines. These even give out millions to very lucky players. You’re here anyway, why don’t you try your luck at these slots instead.

There are two kinds of jackpot slots. Fixed jackpot slots have the same prizes regardless of how many players try them out. These often have smaller entry fees. Progressive jackpots have prizes that increase depending on the number of players that try them. Of course, progressive jackpots have higher entry costs and they are riskier too.

It would be unwise to focus your entire playing session on these jackpot slots as the probability of you winning them is slightly lower as compared to regular slots. As such, you should only turn to these and give them a few turns before you go.

Set Your Goals

A good strategy with gambling on any game is to simply set a goal for yourself. Without a goal, you tend to get too greedy – even causing you to make costly mistakes. With a goal right in front of you, you can easily get out of the loop with gains in your wallet. Don’t just set a prize goal, also set a loses goal which tells you to stop when you lose a certain amount of money.

Slot machines are a big favorite among gamblers as you don’t have to contend with anyone else for the prizes. While definitely addictive, you should always play these games with a clear mind and an even clearer strategy ahead of you.

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