Gardens are such hard work. No one ever tells you when you are looking for a property that whilst a garden is a great thing to have for spending time outside in the summer, you also need to maintain it. Not only do you need to maintain it through basics like mowing it and cutting the hedges, but you should also be actively thinking about making it a pretty and useable space. If you didnโ€™t grow up with a garden, then this can be tricky. If you are struggling on figuring out where to start, then here is a little advice.


More than just making sure that your garden is not overgrown and that the hedges arenโ€™t out of control, you also need to add decoration. There is nothing quite as bleak as an empty garden. If you are completely lost, then you may want to start with decorative vases rather than planning out all of your flowers or installing water features. You should think about adding in things like vases or gnomes just add some character to the garden. These require no effort to maintain and can slot in seamlessly to any garden.

Making a clean edge

Before you get to planting anything in your garden you need to make sure that you have a clean edge between your grass area and planting area. This will help you define exactly where you will be planting and also draw the eye to these spaces. Having a border creates an instant impact on anyone who enters your garden. Seeing green leaves contrasted with dark soil is a great combination for any garden.

Creating a Path through your garden

No matter the size of your garden, you should think about how you want you and your guests to interact with the space. If you want it to be an open plan, then maybe you should just have a small path leading to an open space. If instead, you want to create a winding path showcasing all of your cultivated plants, then you should think about adding paving stones to help direct your guests. This will add structure to your garden and help you plan the space even better.

Creating a central space

One of the best ways to focus your attention on your garden and to make looking after it easier is to create a focal point that your entire garden will be peripheral to. This could be an eye-catching flower, a large tree, or an ornate water feature. Whatever you decide, you just need to make sure that the rest of the garden leads to this point. It can help you make the decision on what you want to grow and where. Start from one point and work outwards.

Changing your garden

Taking on a garden is hard work. But it is the most rewarding thing to get right. When people walk into your home and are amazed by it, you will feel vindicated. Gardens are also easier to maintain than to transform. Once you have sorted your garden, you won’t have to spend as much time maintaining it.

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