Unless you have been living in a cave, away from the hustle-bustle (which probably is for the best in 2020), you are aware of the much-dreaded virus that has kept the world on a standstill. Although the safety procedures and practices have got everyone covered, there is one thing that kept everyone more unsafe than coronavirus itself is the multiple health concerns that crept up on them because of physical inactivity.

Of course, with public spaces shutting down, the gyms and open grounds were not available for human use due to lockdown. However, to keep everyone fit and healthy and to build stamina, flexibility, strength, coordination, and endurance right at your home is possible through calisthenics workouts. Who knew things would get this positively challenging, right in the vicinity of your home?

Do not underestimate the power of calisthenic workout as it is performed by top athletes, law enforcement officers, military personnel to stay in shape and warm-up for top-notch performance. It is to be noted that calisthenics workout also helps reduce the effects of numerous health concerns such as obesity etc.

The unique aspect of a calisthenics workout is that these exercises are performed using your own weight. There are multiple rhythms and intensities for each workout, so you know you are targeting the right body part. So, look nowhere as we have curated the ultimate list of calisthenics workout exercises for a fit body without stepping out of your house.

Take a look at the best calisthenics workout for you to stay fit at home.

  • Jump Squats
    An effective strength training exercise that utilizes most of the muscle groups of your body. Squats are a great way to enhance your strength for day-to-day activities, endurance, and performance. Along with that, it decreases the risks of injuries.
    All you need to do is- keep your feet apart at shoulder-width and point the toes in an outward position.ย  Ensure that the shoulder is straight and back, the chest is up, and your core is engaged. Next, position yourself into a squat position, go as low as you can with this position and propel forcefully into an upward position with a jump. 25 jump squats are enough for one rep.
  • Sit-ups
    This is a great strength workout for your core. It trains your core muscles in your lower back, abdomen, hips, and pelvis. It is a great way to stabilize your balance and endurance for sports and heavy-duty activities.
    To do sit-ups, start with lying straight on your back. Keep your feet approximately hip-distance apart and keep your knees bent. Have your hands and arms next to your body. Raising your torso, pull your abs towards your back while exhaling. Touch your toes with your fingertips when your thighs are a few inches away from your torso and gently lie back down. But don’t get too comfortable; go 20 sit-ups for a single rep.
  • Push-ups
    A very popular and dynamic calisthenics workout for strength building of your shoulders, arms, and chest. Calisthenics workout is incomplete without them as they also provide full-body endurance.
    All you need to is to begin by getting on a high-plank position. Next, make sure that your hands are positioned shoulder-width apart, only a bit wider. Ensure that you do not sag your back and hips but also do not position it upwards. Slowly bend your elbows while lowering your body to a level that the chest touches the floor. Make sure that you keep your core and abdomen flexed while performing push-ups.
  • Crunches
    Crunches make it to every beginner -level calisthenics workout programs. They are another effective variation of sit-ups. Also, great for core-strengthening.
    Start with lying flat on the ground. Bend your knees at a right angle and position your feet on the ground. Sit up until your chest touches your knees; make sure you keep your core flexed. Make sure you breathe out while you sit up and breathe in as you go back. 30 crunches are perfect for one rep.

Calisthenics workout is the work from home your body needs. Each rep would boost your endurance, strength, and fitness level. Along with burning calories, you will be losing a lot of inches off from various target areas.

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