If you are a cook or tried your hands in the kitchen, you must have used celery a lot. It is popularly known to be a vegetable that makes most cooks sweat. However, the exciting part about using this healthy vegetable in your recipe is the trouble it comes with.

Celery usually may not leak its juice in a juicer even after cutting and getting crushed. It is a stubborn vegetable that sneaks its way out from being juiced.  To make a healthy beverage out of celery, you need to make use of the best juicer.

Here, we are going to provide you buying guide for a juicer for celery. This will include all the factors you need to take into account.

Complete Buying Guide of Juicer For Celery

There is plenty to think about when making a purchase of a juicer for celery. The question to ask here is whether you are happy with your juicer or not.

Here we have the best guide to figure out whether the features in a juicer are ideal for you or not. So letโ€™s start discussing each of these now.


Like every other kitchen appliance, you will want your juicer to provide you with value for your money. Many of the highly-priced juicers provide heavy juice yield, which helps to sustain much more nutrients. However, plenty of affordable options can help you obtain sufficient juice and some more basic features.

If you maintain a healthy routine, which is why you regularly juice your vegetables, the process might get expensive. You might spend more than you realize in regular grocery shopping. Your daily intake may involve juicing your vegetable a couple of times per week. If this is the case, then the more significant your juice yield from your juicer, the better.

Maintaining Nutrients:

For most of you, juicing your vegetables into healthy drinks is the key. You wish to improve your health with a steady intake of nutrients through your beverage. A variety of juicers are available in the market, and they work differently when it comes to retaining nutrients.

To maintain your desired nutrients in your juiced beverage, you should choose a juicer that will cause with most minor hazard with celery. The least trouble the juicer gives you, the more quickly you can retain the nutrients from your juicer.

Ease of Cleaning:

If you often talk to anyone who uses a juicer, you will find them heavily complaining about the cleaning process. This factor is quite common for every other juicer you buy. Most will give trouble when it comes to cleaning.

However, the most expensive juicers tend to be the worst when it comes to this factor. If you care about the ease of maintenance or cleaning, you should probably inspect the equipment.

It is essential to check how many parts the juicer has inside. It helps to know whether the juicer is dishwasher-friendly. The more features the inside of your juicer has, the more cleaning you have to do.

The noise of your juicer:

Do you like working in silence? Is too much noisy equipment a problem for you? If noiseless equipment is a priority, then you must avoid a centrifugal juicer. These juicers are usually quite loud. In contrast, cold press and twin-gear juicers are comparatively less noisy. You are advised to look for a quieter and less noisy juicer, specifically designed to be noiseless.

The difficulty level of assembling:

Most juicers you buy are more or less complicated and difficult to assemble. The more difficult it is to make the equipment, the more risk it bears. It means that it creates the possibility of the juicer being broken down while assembling it. Therefore the easier the process of assembling, the less the hazard for you.


You are probably looking for a juicer for your celery beverage, but it is not necessarily the only vegetable you will ever juice. This is why it is beneficial to purchase a versatile juicer that can juice many other fruits and vegetables accordingly. This can save you a great deal of money while efficiently producing your desired juices.

Well-Known Brands:

Stereotypically it is safer to purchase juicers from well-known brands. As these brands hold a reputation, you will mostly find reviews of these products to help you choose better.

You do not want to buy your juicer and have it stop working within a few days or a week. Therefore purchase products that are talked about and preferred by most.

Good customer service is also beneficial to obtain after-sales services. Most popular brands provide their customers with decent customer services.


This article gives you all the information you need to purchase the right juicer fit for you. Consider the factors shown above to decide your pick.  To ensure a healthy drink for yourself requires you to have the most efficient juicer. Have you made your mind? If not, go through this article again, which provides you with the best buying guide for a juicer for celery.

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