It pays to be prepared for various situations and emergencies. It’s even more important if you have a family to take care of. Disaster preparedness is one of the ways you can ensure your family’s safety when worst-case scenarios happen. However, aside from the right survival skills, you also need to have the right survival tools.

When it comes to survival tools, it’s worth checking out bug-out bags or BOB for short. Bug-out bags are survival kits that can help you and your family survive with basic necessities for up to 72 hours. It’s one kit that every family should have in their home.

Why 72 hours only? This is the standard time in which rescuers reach out to people survivors who are escaping from a calamity. Without the proper gear, you’ll have lesser chances of survival in such situations.

If you haven’t invested in one yet, it’s time you should. We can never tell when natural calamities happen, so it’s best to stay prepared. Here are a few important reasons why you need to buy a bug-out bag fast.

Disaster Preparedness

At the very least, bug-out bags are intended to help you and your family survive in the case of a calamity. These include tsunamis, earthquakes, wildfires, hurricanes, and so much more. Basically, these are the types of calamities that force you out of your home.

Although a bug-out bag is intended to keep you and your family sustained for 72 hours, it can last longer than that so long as you prepare further. We’ve found out that the best bug out bags reviewed contain enough supplies that help you survive comfortably for longer periods. These bug-out bags are ideal of course.

Exactly what can you find inside a bug-out bag? There are key survival essentials such as water filters, portable lamps, tinder and matches, multi-tools, ready-to-eat food, and many others more.

People think that evacuating their homes is as easy as leaving the house and heading into a secure area. In reality, you also have to consider the fact that you’ll be out in the open, so you may need to have the right tools to help you and your family survive for as long as help arrives.


The major issue most people have with survival kits is that they are bulky and heavy.  These bug-out bags stand out as they account for portability as well. The heaviest bug-out bags weigh as much as 45 pounds, but that’s usually as much as they go.

Despite its weight, bug-out bags come with it all. The heaviest bug-out bags also include sleeping bags and a tent. It’s tough finding a fully-kitted survival kit that’s light and easy to use. What you need to know is that when you are evacuating, it is a must that you aren’t burdened by heavy objects.

Protect Your Documents And Essentials

The typical bug-out bag kit also includes documents. Of course, we aren’t referring to printed documents. We are referring to documents that are stored in a safe storage such as a USB.

It may seem odd to think about your personal documents during calamities, but these are more important than you think. The documents you should bring include copies of your birth certificates, marriage certificates, and most importantly, your insurance.

These documents are important as they can help keep your life on track after a serious calamity. Keep in mind that offices that keep public records might become affected as well, so it’s best that you secure yourself a digital copy of your own records just to be safe.

It’s Not That Expensive

A common misconception is that bug-out bags are expensive. However, they are far cheaper than what you’d have to spend for medical bills as a result of being exposed out in the wilderness.

You can buy premade bug-out bags online. If you want to, you can make your own bug-out bag at home. These kits won’t cost you thousands of dollars. In fact, you are only looking to spend around a hundred for a decent kit only.

If it’s your family’s safety that’s on the line, it’s really difficult to put a price tag on it.

Bug-out bags should be essential in every home. Even if you are living in disaster-free areas, it’s best to stay safe and prepared with a bug-out bag that is always ready to be used. It’s not a big investment on your end but trust us, bug-out bags could mean life or death in certain situations.

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