Perfume, flowers, skin care products, these are the gifts that are so easy to choose for your female friend but when it comes to choosing a gift for your boyfriend, things become complicated. Presents repeat from year to year and there’s not much room for surprise. So, in order to go out if this vicious circle, you can choose to order a portrait for your beloved one. No doubt, your boyfriend will be surprised to see his own portrait as an aristocrat or a member of a royal family. So, if you are interested, read the information below and follow the link to choose a portrait you like:

It’s creative

Why choose a portrait? Well, first of all, people feel better when they see their own image in a portrait and show it to their friends and relatives. But modern photos and portraits have become quite common so creative portraits on a canvas is a new trend in home décor. Such artworks look amazing in any interior design and can become a focus point in any room. If your boyfriend is a big fan of history and identifies himself with some famous historical figures like Julius Caesar, Napoleon, and others, he’ll definitely cherish his own portrait as this famous person.

Home Decoration

If your boyfriend lives in a place which is really stylish, you can choose a style of the portrait that will match your bf’s home décor. Here are some variants that you can pitch upon:

  • A portrait of your boyfriend as an Arabic sheikh or an Indian rajah will be a good choice if a room has Oriental design;
  • If a room is decorated in a classical style, a regal portrait with a luxurious background will be the best option;
  • A portrait with a plain background will match modern minimalistic design best of all;
  • If your boyfriend has a pet and is a great sports fan, you can choose a pet portrait in a uniform of his favorite team.

A beautiful portrait will add luxury to any room. So the main thing is to choose a style that will fit in a design of the room where your boyfriend will hang it. But of course this custom portrait will be more than just a decorative item for the house as it highlights personality, creativity, and a sense of humor of your boyfriend! It is also a unique handmade gift with incredible value for the recipient.


Every man has his own way of self-expression and his own hobby. Some people want to resemble famous historical figures of the past, the others remember how they were dreaming to become a legendary sportsman or celebrity. Basing your choice on your boyfriend’s preferences, you can create a dream portrait which will bring joy to your beloved one. If the man you love has a pet, you can add it to a portrait as well and this will add originality to a portrait.