Bringing along and drinking water wherever you go is easier than ever nowadays. The water bottle has become a kind of fashion accessory that you can “personalize” with different messages, decorations and covers, says The Atlantic.

Modern water bottles are extremely handy, with straps and clips, sleeves and holders… Some sports bottles are even made to have an opening in the middle so you can push your fingers “through the bottle” while grabbing it.

Bottles with a little “basket” for adding fruit to the water are also provided, bottles with an integrated citrus cup or strainer, bottles made of soft material similar and thermophores and bottles with a specially fitted tube from which you can drink without spilling.

There are many choices, but one has to be wise and choose the best. Here are the options that act as the best investments for 2020. 

1. Pogo BPA-Free Plastic Water Bottle

Alright, so, we all know that plastic is not the happiest solution when it comes to the material from which the bottles from which we drink water are made.

However, this one that Giftwits suggests is made of BPA-free plastic, which makes her much lighter and more resistant than regular plastic, but also much healthier.

The material resembles glass and the bottle is specially designed for those who spend much time in the gym and doing sports activities in general, but also for children. Check out Amazon and order now.

2. Contigo Purity Glass Water Bottle

These cute bottles will surely win the hearts of many. Most of us hesitate when it comes to glass bottles since we’re afraid that they would break.

However, you may keep calm – these bottles are made of durable glass with a bottom that is further protected by a silicone sleeve and easily fit into a gym bag. The glass is of natural origin and does not contain toxic softeners used in plastic bottles to give them shape.

It doesn’t contain bisphenol A or any other harmful substances that affect the hormonal system, so the water in this bottle will not change the taste as the glass won’t release any substances and odors into it.

They’re also dishwasher safe, which makes washing much easier! Another good thing is that if you want to change the type of bottle or replace it with another one, it will be very easy to recycle it and thus also contribute to the environmental protection. 

3. Kool8 Reusable Water Bottle

If you are a fan of modern, simple design, but you also care about the quality, the Kool8 Reusable Water Bottle, as suggested by, might be the ideal solution for you.

Eco-friendly and health-friendly, these bottles are also made of high quality stainless steel and therefore are very lightweight and durable. 

That’s why this is one more nice option for those who are environmentally conscious and want the healthiest solution. Of course, it’s most often the case that the bottle is used by athletes who try to keep the water as cold as possible – the design and the material of this one enables it.

However, if anyone’s considering a bottle that would be useful for hot drinks as well, the Kool8 Reusable Water Bottle could catch one’s attention because it keeps the water hot for up to twelve hours.

Not only can you use it while playing sports, but there’s no limit to the time of the year or the occasion – it’s effective regardless of the type of drink or any other factors.

This product comes in both cheerful and discreet colors, and because of its exterior design, it looks elegant and contemporary. Is it going to surprise you if we tell you that this is one of the best ideas for a water bottle this year?

4. 24Bottles Clima Water Bottle

Yeah – one more eco-friendly option. But this one will surely melt your heart with its unique designs and beautiful patterns that make it look nothing like a classic sports bottle. As Cool Things Chicago states, they are double-walled insulated and CO2 neutral, and apart from these colorful ones, there are also monochrome variants that look much more inconspicuous.

They’re useful, they look rather urban and eye-catching and the most important thing – they function perfectly and fulfill their purpose in the best possible way. They are also so popular that they’re often out of stock, so if you’re thinking about getting one for yourself, maybe you should hurry up! 

5. Chilly’s Bottles

This water bottle has a double sheath that functions as insulation while also being elegant and eco-friendly.

The bottles themselves are made of high quality stainless steel and have a special thermal plug with screws and a ring that prevents fluid from leaking out of the tank. The bottle comes in three sizes of 260, 500 and 750 milliliters.

The attractive Chilly’s Bottles collections include designer bottles in matte colors and trendy metallic bottles, but there are also some starry sky, heart, panorama, floral and even dog patterns – and you will recognize them by a hot pepper logo!

This one will attract attention no matter where you go, so prepare yourselves to answer numerous questions of people in the gym who are going to want one for themselves – for sure. One of the most important features is that it’s BPA-free, which is extremely important for health reasons, so it’s completely safe to use. 


Water bottles have become part of the wardrobe today. We bring them to work, to training, trips, walks… almost everywhere.

The fact that we have become aware of how important water is to our health is very commendable. Reusable water bottles are a convenient way to get enough water during the day and workout, but also be a great friend of nature at the same time.

And this is why this list is something you should reconsider in order to improve the quality of your life – the only thing you should do is choose the perfect one and take a step closer to improving your sports routine.

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