Pets are loyal companions and an important part of the family. So, it’s only right to treat them not only with lots of cuddles but with things that will keep them safe and healthy, whether you’re at home or traveling.

Without further ado, here are some of the best pet-friendly accessories to keep your cuddly best friend (or the special fur parent in your life) happy!

Best Pet-Friendly Accessories for Pet Owners (Our Top 9 Picks for 2023)

1. Dog and Cat Sling Carrier or Backpack

No matter how spirited your pet may be, not all of them can manage arduous hikes or super long walks, especially across uneven terrain when you’re outdoors.

However, a dog and cat sling carrier or backpack could be a practical outdoor explorer accessory.

This accessory will be helpful if you have smaller seniors, easily tired pets, or pets with limited mobility. You can also opt for one with mesh ventilation, waterproof fabric, and a top window for dogs to take in the view.

2. Pet Crate

If you decide to crate train your pet, a pet crate makes a great accessory. Choose one that folds up easily for transport, with a divider panel for growing dogs, and has an easy-to-clean plastic base.

This pet-friendly accessory can keep curious pets safe when you’re not at home or can’t supervise them.

3. Airline-Approved Cabin Pet Carrier

Flying with your pet takes some preparation. Regulations on bringing your feline or puppy aboard an airplane include providing paperwork. It also requires a pet carrier that follows the general size restrictions and baggage requirements.

This is why an airline-approved cabin pet carrier makes a great accessory for your pet or a pet lover.

The top choice for pet owners worldwide is one with a spring-wire frame design. This carrier lets them stow it beneath airplane seats while keeping their little buddies safe and comfortable. The mesh window also provides plenty of ventilation, and the lambskin liner makes a comfortable base for the cat or dog to rest on.

Plus, there may be a pocket to keep other accessories, treats, and more comfortable design features.

4. Dog Hat

Aside from being stylish, occasionally goofy, and adorable, a dog hat can help your dog all year round.

In the winter, a dog hat, like a beanie or a dog pom pom made with soft wool and ear-opening holes, will keep your dog warm and cozy. In the summer, cooling hats will shade your furry best friend’s eyes from the sun while relieving them from the heat.

A dog hat is handy for breeds with thin coats, like Whippets or Italian Greyhounds. What’s more, dog hats are playful accessories that enable you to show your pup’s sense of style and personality.

5. Dog Collar

While it may be the most basic dog accessory, it is also the most important. It tells the world what personality your dog has and prevents them from running into danger.

You can use this fashion symbol during walks, exercise, or training. There are also different types of collars. For instance, you may opt for a standard flat collar, tactical dog collar, head collar, or a special-use collar, such as a bark control one.

If possible, buy one that’s fully adjustable. It should also be correctly fitted to avoid causing neck injury in case your dog is tugged along or pulls on the leash.

6. Folding Dog Ramp

For your beloved pooch struggling with mobility, a folding dog ramp is one of the best accessories. This accessory will help them get in and out of vehicles quickly.

We emphasize a folding type because you can quickly deploy or stow it away easily. You can also put it in your car or under furniture or home closets. This will take the strain off you during travels since you don’t have to lift your pet constantly.

7. Dog Gate

Our dogs are so loyal and protective of their human family. Yet, they are sometimes the ones that need protecting.

They can also be curious and mischievous, leading to potentially dangerous situations. Thus, a dog gate comes in handy. As a pet owner, it is designed to contain your dog in a particular area at home and prevent unwanted accidents.

You can also use it for training your pet, teaching them boundaries and good behavior. And when choosing the right pet gate, you can choose whether it’s wall-fitted or pressure-fitted.

A wall-fitted gate can be mounted to the wall using brackets and screws. Meanwhile, a pressure-fitted gate uses tension to stay in place. The prior is sturdier, more secure, and ideal for a more permanent solution.

On the other hand, a pressure-fitted gate is easy to install, doesn’t permanently damage the walls, and makes an ideal choice for renters.

8. Rubber Toy Balls

Here’s a great accessory to provide your pet with physical and mental stimulation. It’s a rubber toy boy, which is nice because it can prevent inappropriate chewing.

Buy one that’s hard and durable, even for pups who love to destroy toys. Some rubber toy balls in the market come with a launcher, allowing you to send balls flying in the air for a great game of fetch outdoors.

9. Treat Dispenser or Slow-Feeder Bowls

If you want snack time fun for your pet, you can gift them a treat dispenser or a slow feeder bowl.

Your furry pal will enjoy digging for the treat they sniff out from the dispenser. Meanwhile, a stationary feeder prevents fast eaters from quickly consuming their foods.

Eating too fast can lead to bloat or choking, and both are life-threatening to your pet. What’s nice is you can also use this pet accessor for wet, raw, dry, or home-prepared pet food.

The Bottom Line

So, there you go.

Whether you’re a fur parent always searching for the next adventure with your pet or a homebody wanting to keep your pet happy indoors, the guide we shared above will surely be an excellent gift for your favorite bean hound.

Before we end this, please choose the right product size, especially for dog collars, pet carriers, and crates, as it’s essential for your four-legged friend’s health and well-being.

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